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Our aesthetically designed factories with their wide range of use make these units the choice for entrepreneurs and big companies alike. Also included are factory facilities such as standard factory building (SFB), three-in-one building (TOB), supporting industrial building (SIB). All buildings offer maximum flexibility and maximum area utilization.

Premium Standard Factory Building (PSFB)

Premium Standard Factory Building, the ideal business space which equiped with production and office area to cater the need of various industries. The 3 (three) storey building offers a convenient business environment in midst of world class industrial estate. It is the ideal building space for various industries such as automotive, electronic, machinery, food and beverages, printing & packaging, mould& dies, warehouse, service center, workshop, office and many more.

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Commercial Office Building (COB)

The Commercial Office Building designed specially for any type of industries, with total building 807 m². This facility will maximize area utilization for various industries such as automotive, electronic, machinery, food & beverages and many more. This building also suitable for the small and medium enterprises (SME).

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Three-in One Building (TOB)

The total area of New Three in One Building is about 435 m² specially designed for storage or production workshop area. Electricity, telecommunication network, water and waste waterchannel are also suplied. the New 3 in 1 Factory Building has the accessibility that would facilitate efficient production and be conductive for loading and ubloading. This new designed willprovide a maximum flexibility at a lowest cost, and would be the best choice for many business entrepreneurs.

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Supporting Industrial Building (SIB)

Supporting Industrial Bulding is a specially designed factory for home industry, with a total built up area of 155 m². This facility will give maximum area utilization with an integrated sectioncomprises of production area, office and living area. This unit is suitable for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

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