Cikarang Dry Port

Cikarang Dry Port is strategically located in Jababeka Industrial Estate, which lies in the heart of the biggest manufacturing zone of west Java, as well as the country, home to a dozen Industrial Estates with more than 2,500 industrial companies, both multinationals and small and medium enterprises (SME).

Cikarang Dry Port provides Integrated Port and Logistics facilities and serves as an extension of Tanjung Priok International Seaport. Cikarang Dry Port started operations in 2010 and lies strategically located in the heart of the largest manufacturing zone of Indonesia along the Bekasi-Cikampek industrial corridor, east of Greater Jakarta. Approximately 200 hectares are allocated for the Dry port which is easily accessible by highway and railway system.

Cikarang Dry Port offers a one stop service for cargo handling and a logistics solution for international export and import, as well as domestic distribution. It provides integrated port and logistics services with dozens of logistics and supply chain players, such as exporters, importers, carriers, terminal operators, container freight station, bonded warehouse, transportation, third party logistics (3PL), empty container depot, as well as banks and other supporting facilities.

Cikarang Dry Port is the first and only Integrated Customs Services Zone in Indonesia and has been allocated the international port code IDJBK, which connects Cikarang Dry Port to other ports of call around the world and designates it as Port of Origin and Port of Destination.

Cikarang Dry Port is the suitable place for your supply chain activities - bringing all parties in one place for better coordination and increased productivity.

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