Economic & Social


Economic empowerment prioritizes the development of small businesses. The Company prepares social maps in order to understand the community’s strength and potential. CSR programs that have been implemented include programs for sewing cloth rags, livestock (growing straw mushrooms and duck hatching), and household food industries (production of cassava chips).


Jababeka CSR built clean water distribution networks in residential areas and villages in order to improve living standards, both economically and socially. Jababeka CSR has successfully provided the community with access to clean water in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This program received the Platinum award from the Community empowerment national Program (GKPM) initiated by the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare.

Asphalting and other road improvement works are carried out in order to maintain the high quality condition of the general road network within the township.

Jababeka CSR together with the heads of neighborhoods held various art and cultural activities in the framework of care and appreciation of local cultures. These include religious and national holiday celebrations, as well as special events such as blood donation, animal sacrifices and the assistance program “Echoes of Ramadhan”, which is performed by social services and tenants who wish to participate.

Jababeka’s 5th International Cultural Festival was opened and attended by the Vietnamese Ambassador to Indonesia, the Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia, the Russian Ambassador to Indonesia, and the Royal Families of Kasepuhan Cirebon and South Tapanuli. This event serves as the Company’s involvement and commitment to cultural values of local and international communities. The festival showcased both national and international arts and cultures. The International Cultural Festival has obtained appreciation from the Bekasi government for educating the people in Bekasi. The event aims to preserve local cultures and introduce foreign cultures to the local society.

Jababeka CSR has earned several awards through socialization and coordination with both private and government partners. Examples include the award from the Governor of West Java for West Java CSR in the field of Humanitarian and Environment and the award from the Governor of West Java as West Java Development Partners.

To support the MDGs that have been ratified by the government of the Republic of Indonesia, Jababeka CSR contributed to the fourth goal of the MDGs by providing health care services to toddlers in Desa Simpangan (north Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java) – this program obtained the Silver award. Jababeka CSR also contributed to the seventh goal of the MDGs by providing access to clean water in north Cikarang – this program obtained the Platinum award at the GKPM Awards 2012. The award was handed out by the Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare, H.R. Agung Laksono.

The Company still uses the slogan “Jababeka Go Green” as part of its environmental management of the estate. The Company encourages tree planting in order to reduce the CO2 level in the estate. Jababeka, Allianz and Green Radio continued planting 1,000 trembesi rain trees, and together with PT Wartsila, Jababeka planted trees in the estate as well.

Jababeka routinely teams up with the community to carry out regular events, such as neighborhood cleaning, making biopori holes and tree planting.