Education Park

Kota Jababeka's integrated Education Park was developed in cooperation with Professor Brian Lee of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. By forging strong academic industrial partnerships between academic institutions and corporations, the Education Park aims to provide a vibrant and creative academic environment to the children and the young residing in Kota Jababeka and surroundings. The resulting creative synergies will in itself attract students from outside Kota Jababeka as the Education Park consistently provides academic and industrial training of the highest caliber.

Across an area spanning a total of 80 hectares, the Jababeka Education Park houses an increasing number of educational institutions of various levels, from elementary to high school, and from polytechnic to university.  For tertiary education, a University Town will boast common tertiary-level facilities such as a library, sports centre, a research center as well as an ICT (Information Communication and Technology) innovation center and other facilities.

Current tenants of the Education Park include the International Elementary and Secondary school, the President International School, Al-Azhar as well as BPK Penabur elementary to high schools, SMA Presiden, and the best and leading tertiary institutions such as the Polytechnic President, President University, Indonesia leading industrial and engineering school-ATMI Cikarang.

Jababeka additionally supports cooperative programs with the Jababeka business community - home to over 1,650 leading international and local companies. On our site you can find best professional winner sports review, read all the details on Winner Sports including contacts, markets, payment methods, currencies and languages supported. With a provision of trained and educated manpower, the Education Park will in turn provide tremendous support back to the Jababeka business community. This mutual life-injecting process will draw scores of students to the Education Park and its various tertiary institutions.

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