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Public Transportation

Kota Jababeka is well served by efficient bus lines that cover all of the major areas of greater Jakarta, as well as location beyond Kota Jababeka itself. Most lines begin from Plaza JB at Jababeka Mall, Jababeka Central Business District (JCBD), while some begins from various strategic locations within Kota Jababeka.

The Airport Bus to and from Soekarno-Hatta International airport can be taken from its starting point at Plaza JB of Jababeka Mall near the Makorem 051/WKT building.

Taxi Cabs can be found at taxi stands throughout Kota Jababeka, but they can be hailed on the street as well. Taxi services are available 24 hours daily and advance bookings can be made with reputable taxi companies with a minimal booking fee.

No. Public Bus Code Destination Remarks
From To
1 K-59A Plaza JB Kampung Rambutan Micro Bus
2 K-59B Plaza JB Kerawang Barat Micro Bus
3 K-35 Terminal Bus Cikarang Graha Asri Public Trans
4 K-35 Terminal Bus Cikarang Pemda Bekasi Public Trans
5 K-42 Terminal Bus Cikarang Pasar Gombong Public Trans
6 K-99A & K-99B Hotel Ibis Serta Asri / Serta Alam /
Serta Indah
Public Trans
7 K-17 Terminal Bus Cikarang Lippo Cikarang Public Trans
8 K-33 Station KA Lembah Abang Lippo Cikarang Public Trans
9 Feeder Busway
Trans Jababeka
Makorem Ratu Plaza Big Bus
Corridor 1
10 Feeder Busway
Trans Jababeka
Makorem Plaza Atrium Senen Big Bus
Corridor 2
11 PATAS 121 Plaza JB Blom M Big Bus
12 PATAS 122 Terminal Bus Cikarang Pasar Senen Big Bus
13 PATAS 123 Plaza JB Grogol Big Bus
14 PATAS 125 Terminal Bus Cikarang Kalideres Big Bus
15 PATAS 126 Terminal Bus Cikarang Tanjung Priok Big Bus
16 PATAS 128 Kota Terminal Bus Cikarang Big Bus
17 DAMRI Plaza JB Bandara Soekarno Hatta Big Bus
18 KAUBES Graha Asri Pulo Gadung Big Bus