Jababeka - Fully integrated for optimal efficiency: industrial, commercial and residential developments complementing one another and supported by world-class infrastructure and top-notch facilities.

Kota Jababeka - Cikarang
Located 35km from the Jakarta Central Business District, 55km from the Tanjung Priok seaport and 65km from the Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Kota Jababeka - Cikarang is easily accessible via the toll roads. A super efficient and comprehensive infrastructure supports the various facilities and feature zones within the estate.

Jababeka's other site is located in Cilegon, which is 85 km west of Jakarta and connected via the Jakarta-Merak toll road and railway. It is also only a short ferry ride to Sumatra and near to Bojonegara Seaport. This prime location is backed up by an abundant supply of labor, wide ranging primary manufactured goods, plentiful supply of available land and easy access to many markets for production and services.

Jakarta CBD - Menara Batavia
Jababeka's headquarters stands in the midst of Jakarta Central Business District. The 32 storey office building of Menara Batavia is not only strategically located, but also offers an array of office space for a variety of businesses. Complementary supporting facilities include banking, cafes and restaurants, a market as well as reserved parking lots. Adjacent to the Menara Batavia building, the 2.2 hectares prime plot of land will be developed into an upscale business, commercial and residential multi-development mega-complex.