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"Dry Port" Train Is Ready to Go

Jakarta, Kompas - The Ministry of Transportation has completed construction of three spoor, track freight train at the dry port in Cikarang, West Java. Infrastructure improvement in the form of installation of signaling system will be done in late July 2011.

Tundjung Inderawan, The Director General of Railways, stated on Saturday (25 / 6) in Jakarta: "Ideally, all the trains can accommodate a series of freight train with 18 carriages, but constrained due to lack of available land in Jababeka."

Director General of Railways explained, spoor number 1 has the capacity of 15 cars, spoor number 2 with 18 cars capacity, and  spoor number 3 that can hold 12 cars. Provision of track and signals at the dry port, operated by PT Jababeka Tbk and PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero), was funded by the government.

When reviewing the Jababeka Dry Port by helicopter on Tuesday (21 / 6), Bambang Susantono-The Deputy of Transportation Ministry-expected that the railway to  Tanjung Priok Port will be able to be operational in July or August 2011.

"The railway previously expected to be operational in April 2011. The government already provided railroads, so private company should socialize these facilities as soon as possible to the factories to be used so that congestions caused by trucks can be minimized", he said.

Three spoors in Jababeka and emplacement of containers for loading and unloading, and also containers stacking field and warehouses already completed.

In 2011, Jababeka budgeted Rp 86 billion for the Cikarang Dry Port. Now, the Jababeka Dry Port development has entered the second stage of 8 hectares, adding the area of 10 hectares to last year project. The dry port is targeted to covers an area of 200 hectares with total investment of $341 million.

Sulistyo Wimbo, the Commercial Director of PT KAI asserted, freight train from Cikarang in the early stages of operation will headed east to Surabaya. "Not to Tanjung Priok because the railroads have not been able to dock directly to the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT).", he said.

The railway towards JICT still blocked by the "Mbah Priok" site. An  freight train emplacement and Tanjung Priok freeway access will be build on that location. "The government is trying to resolve this case in July.", said The Deputy of Transportation Ministry on a separate occasion.

Although only operational towards Surabaya, the freight trains significantly reduce the traffic density. "It has a waiting list of 20 series of freight trains per day," said Wimbo. That means, the trains on the waiting list per day are the equivalent of 300 container trucks from Jababeka to Surabaya.

Wimbo also said that the freight fare for a 20 feet container is approximately USD 1.6 million from Jababeka to Surabaya. Though, the fare will also depends on the expeditor.

A study of the cattle transportation have calculated that using freight trains  is more cost-efficient by 40% than using trucks. (RYO / BEN)

Source: Kompas Page 20