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The Jababeka Industrial Estate is the first modern Indonesian eco-industrial estate and jointly developed with ProLH GTZ under a technical cooperation program collaboratively established by Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and the Republic of Germany. It spans 1,570 hectares and contains more than 1,400 local and multinational corporations from 29 countries, such as USA, Japan, France, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and numerous others.

The estate offers a comprehensive one-stop industrial development solution that is beneficial for virtually any type of enterprise. These include industrial land and built-to-suit factory buildings, to name a few. Our aesthetically designed factories with their wide range of use make these units the choice for entrepreneurs and big companies alike. Also included are factory facilities such as standard factory building (SFB), three-in-one building (TOB), supporting industrial building (SOB), R&B building, Hom & Bizz building, modern warehouse and customized industrial building (CIB). All buildings offer maximum flexibility and maximum area utilization.

It is our best interest to provide the most comprehensive and fully-integrated industrial estate in order to create a base from which the industrial sector can best flourish and profit. In so doing, we will strategically be in line with our endeavor to maintain Jababeka's market leadership position as the provider of remarkable value-added land.