Senior Living @D'Khayangan


Senior Living @ D’Khayangan, is dedicated to foreign and local senior citizens and has a concept of LIVE (luxurious, inspiring, vibrant and eco-friendly) and CARE (comfortable, attentive, relaxing, and encouraging). D’Khayangan clusters cover an area of 8.1 hectares, which can be expanded to 20 hectares and is a collaboration between PT Jababeka Tbk and Long Life Holdings from Osaka, Japan.

For more information, please visit: Senior Living @D'Khayangan


Head Office / Sales & Marketing Office
Jababeka Center, Hollywood Plaza No. 10 - 12
Jl. H. Usmar Ismail, Kota Jababeka
Cikarang, Bekasi 17550
West Java, Indonesia
Ph. 62 21 8934570

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