1,500 Property Agents Come in Droves to Jababeka Residence, What’s There?

Cikarang, February 21, 2024 – The moment of launching a new project is certainly a challenging but happy thing for property developers. Various strategies and methods were launched with the aim that the project quickly sold out in a fast time. One way that has proven to be still effective today is to expand the sales team by inviting property agents or brokers, as Jababeka Residence did in the grand product knowledge event held on Monday, February 19, 2024.

With the theme “Superhero Comin to the City,” this event not only conveys information about new property products released by Jababeka Residence, but also provides a complete picture of Jababeka’s development potential as the largest and most complete independent city in Bekasi. There were 1,500 property agents who attended and had the opportunity to find out the development plan of Jababeka Residence with its international partners, Mitsui Fudosan Asia (MFA) and Keihan Group, both of which are top five property developers in Japan.

“This event is the first spectacular event we held at the beginning of the year, which also coincides with the beginning of the year of the Dragon. There were 1,500 best property agents present, who we specially selected to join and cooperate with Jababeka Residence in achieving the company’s target this year,” said Marcus Lee, Managing Director of Developer Kota Jababeka.

On this occasion, Jababeka Residence – one of the subsidiaries of PT Jababeka Tbk – introduced its premium products in the Jababeka Golf City area named Paradiso Golf Villas. This is a residential area with resort nuances combined with a golf course covering an area of 70 hectares. Paradiso Golf Villas, is a collaboration project of Jababeka Residence with Keihan Group which is a real estate developer as well as a railway network company Kyoto – Osaka, Japan.

“Paradiso Golf Villas is in the Golf City area which is an upscale residential and commercial center at Jababeka Residence. The position is very strategic, just a 2-minute walk to Jababeka Golf & Country Club which is designed directly by international golfers,” said Ferry Thahir as Senior General Manager Corporate Marketing Jababeka Residence.

Not only its location right in the middle of Jababeka City, Paradiso Golf Villas also has a variety of advantages and facilities. Paradiso Golf Villas in addition to presenting a green view of the golf course, this residence also has direct access to the golf course and clubhouse. The distance is less than 2 minutes on foot, making it the only residence in East Jakarta that has a view and direct access to golf. The residents are also pampered with various facilities in the Jababeka clubhouse such as swimming pool, gym, children playground, tennis court, spa, and various FnB and retail tenants.

Like premium housing, the number of units is very limited, namely there are only 101 housing units offered by Jababeka Residence and Keihan Group in Paradiso Golf Villa which was developed on 2.8 hectares of land. Moreover, this cluster is only 5 minutes from New CBD Jababeka and TOD Center Jababeka, where all nodes of transportation modes gather in this area.

Speaking of design, Jababeka Residence is not half-hearted to collaborate with international architects – Insada, who have succeeded in combining modern aesthetic minimalist residential designs typical of Japan adapted to Indonesia’s tropical climate conditions with double facades. Not only that, this project also cooperates with Mitsui Designtec, a global interior design company that is trusted to design the Paradiso show unit which can now be visited by potential customers.

Paradiso Golf Villas is offered in three types, namely Tsubaki type with a building area of 145m2 and land of 119m2, Ajisai type with a building area of 180m2 and land area of 153m2, Himawari type with a building area of 231m2 on land of 228m2 to 364m2. These three types are also equipped with smart home features ranging from smart door locks, smart lighting switches, indoor & outdoor CCTV, IR Control and alarm kits.

“Not only is it comfortable to live in but it can also be the right investment choice this year. Because here (Jababeka City) has a mature and large captive market, namely they are golfers and executives in our industrial area,” explained Ferry.

This can be proven from the record of the average visitor of Jababeka Golf & Country Club which reaches 60,000 visitors per year and has registered 2,000 multinational and national companies in Kota Jababeka. With all the advantages and potentials of Paradiso Golf Villas, this residence is offered by Jababeka Residence starting from IDR 3.6 billion.

Another new flagship project exhibited by Jababeka Residence to thousands of property agents is the Ibuki cluster located in the Sport City area, which is a product of collaboration between Jababeka Residence and Mitsui Fudosan Asia. Ibuki itself in Japanese means fresh breath and has a deep philosophical meaning of “The New Beginnings and Fresh Start”.

Each unit in Ibuki is offered in a compact residential design that is suitable for first-home buyers because it has a touch of modern tropical architecture and modern Japanese building style. In the interior of the house, the family room, kitchen and dining room are made open space, and many window openings function to ensure maximum air circulation and low emissions. Meanwhile, the high ceiling feature is deliberately designed not only to give the impression of relief to the space but also to bring freshness and comfort to the residents of the house.

“We designed Ibuki according to the inspiration of its name from an idea of a residence that can bring new opportunities and create a better tomorrow. Ibuki provides a residential space where residents can breathe fresh and healthy air, and can enjoy a positive living atmosphere and are ready to welcome new beginnings in living life to the fullest,” added Ferry.

In terms of facilities, Ibuki is equipped with best-in-class security features, such as a one gate system, security officers on guard for 24 hours, smart door locks, and CCTV. Not only that, because of its location in the Sport City area, residents can enjoy a sports hub covering an area of 1 hectare, mini soccer, and easy access to the Jababeka TOD center, the new Jababeka CBD, and the Cikarang KRL station and connected to the Pantura line.

To the agents, Jababeka Residence revealed that property products in Jababeka were City able to record capital gains or price increases of around 5% to 10% per year. This is considering the strategic location with the potential for continuous development and is very promising in the next few years.

“Therefore, the launch of this cluster is the right momentum, both for property agents and end users and investors to immediately take action and take benefits and benefits by owning property assets in Jababeka,” said Ferry.

1,500 Property Agents Explore Kota Jababeka

Thousands of property agents who attended the Ibuki cluster grand product knowledge event came from more than 200 names of seasoned agent offices, including RayWhite, Century 21, Era Indonesia, Promex, Brighton, Xavier Marks, Harcourt, Re/Max, 9Pro, LJ Hooker, Nam 3, Asia One, and many more. In the series of events, property agents not only received information about residential products and the development of Jababeka Residence, but also felt and saw firsthand the development of Jababeka City through the city tour agenda which took place at the end of the event.

“This city tour can provide its own experience for agents, especially those who have always thought that Kota Jababeka in Cikarang is only limited to an industrial area. In fact, Kota Jababeka has for many years developed as a residential area and center for lifestyle, health, and education,” explained Marcus Lee.

After cooperating with 1,500 property agents, Jababeka Residence is increasingly optimistic about the acceleration of sales of all residential products developed. The reason is, the agents who are present and have collaborated with Jababeka Residence are not just salespeople, but they are superheroes who have super abilities so that they can support the journey of Jababeka Residence and become part of the history and development of Jababeka so far.

“As is known, Jababeka as a whole recorded significant sales in 2023, by realizing revenue of IDR 2.21 trillion in the real estate sector. This gain even exceeded the company’s target. We are confident that this year the target can be achieved even higher, “concluded Ferry.

1,500 Property Agents Come in Droves to Jababeka Residence, What’s There?