35 Years of Establishment, Jababeka City Now Equips itself with a New Health Center & Education Center

Cikarang, June 6, 2024THE IDEAL family residence location should consider various factors to ensure the comfort, convenience, and welfare of residents. One of them is the reference to the distance from primary facilities. The proximity and completeness of health facilities, for example, is needed to ensure quick access to medical services, and no less important is the proximity to educational facilities at all levels from preschool to university to support time and cost efficiency. Located in the east of Jakarta, Jababeka Cikarang City provides facilities that support the welfare and progress of residents and the surrounding community.

“A family residence must be a comfortable, safe place, and support a good quality of life. The strategic location and access to various facilities will ensure that daily needs are easily met and a healthy and active lifestyle can be maintained, Jababeka Residence can fulfill it,” said Ferry Thahir, Senior General Manager of Corporate Marketing of Jababeka Residence.

Currently, Jababeka City has presented 25 hospitals with more than 4,000 beds, serving more than 2,000 national and multinational companies from 34 foreign countries. With around one million workers working in this region, adequate health facilities are crucial. Therefore, hospitals in Jababeka are equipped with the latest medical technology and professional medical personnel who are ready to provide the best service to workers and local residents.

Jababeka is also known as a complete education center. One of the well-known educational institutions that has been present includes the President School which offers education from kindergarten to high school, including facilities for children with special needs through the President Special Needs School. There are also St. Leo, Al-Azhar, and BPK Penabur Schools which can be quality education destinations with diverse and competent curricula. Jababeka City also has two higher education institutions, namely President University which is an international standard university, and other higher education, namely the Polytechnic of the Industrial Machinery Engineering Academy (ATMI).

Commitment to International Standard Education and Health

President University in Jababeka City recently launched a new faculty, namely the Faculty of Medicine located in Jababeka Medical City. Inaugurated in 2023, Jababeka Medical City is a 72-hectare health industrial area developed with WHO-standard infrastructure. This health area was built with the aim of accommodating expatriates and foreign tourists for treatment.

The President University Faculty of Medicine (FKPU) is led directly by Prof. Budi Setiabudiawan as the dean, with Prof. DR. Dr. Satyanegara, Sp.BS (K) serving as Chairman of the Board of Trustees or Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Faculty of Medicine. As the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Faculty of Medicine, President University, Prof. Satyanegara is a respected figure in the field of neurosurgery and medical education. In terms of neurosurgery, Prof. Satyanegara’s expertise is also recognized by the medical community in developed countries. In 2005 in Japan, he was awarded The Order of Rising Sun Gold Ray with Neck Ribbon by the Empire of Japan. Not only that, he was also a doctor for the presidency of the Republic of Indonesia.

(founder President University S.D. Darmono and Prof Satyanegara, foto: Jababeka)

Prof. Satya has high motivation in the health sector, so he wants to be more useful in order to create a healthy and productive Indonesian society, one of which is by utilizing biotechnology. “I feel proud to be part of FKPU, especially through the construction of a research hospital in Jababeka that uses modern biotechnology, of course, it will have a positive impact on public health and for FKPU students to have more value when they graduate. Unlike other FKs, FKPU has the best standards and support so I believe it can become the only leading education center and health center not only on a national scale but also internationally,” said Prof. Satyanegara.

As an international standard university, learning at FKPU is carried out bilingually to prepare prospective doctors who are more competent in serving foreign patients, expanding their communication skills, and improving the quality of medical services. In the first year, students get compulsory dormitory facilities such as medical faculties in America or Europe.

FKPU has also collaborated with leading universities in the United States and will continue to expand, FKPU also offers opportunities for students to continue their master’s programs there. This collaboration ensures global educational standards and encourages international academic exchanges. Meanwhile, given the relatively high or expensive cost of medical tuition for some people, FKPU provides scholarships to make advanced medical education more affordable for many people.

“We hope that FKPU can become a leading center for medical education and research, especially in the field of occupational health. In addition, the network of many companies around FKPU Jababeka can support occupational health as a center of excellence in the medical field and integrated health services in Indonesia, which is expected to be the pride of the nation,” explained Prof. Satyanegara.

“Prof. Satyanegara with a brilliant career and extensive background in medicine and academia, brings his rich experience to Jababeka Medical City through the presence of FKPU. The presence of FKPU in Jababeka City has its own attraction, because not many developers pay attention to the education and health aspects like we do,” added Ferry.

35 Years of Establishment, Jababeka City Now Equips itself with a New Health Center & Education Center 
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