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Industrial CITY Developer

PT Jababeka Tbk was established in 1989 and is the first publicly listed industrial estate developer in Indonesia, being listed on the Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange in 1994.

We are a leading fully integrated industry-based township developer in Indonesia, listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Our core business is developing industry-based real estate, supported and enhanced by infrastructure and township management services. Our business model is to develop industrial real estate sites in a manner which builds a critical mass at each site and allows us to offer and enhance our complementary commercial and residential real estate development as well as our infrastructure and estate management services; thereby creating an industry-based township.

We offer a wide range of industrial real estate and complementary infrastructure and estate management services which we believe are attractive to businesses engaged in light, medium and heavy industries. We also develop commercial and residential real estate as part of our integrated industry-based township development.

Our flagship industry-based township, Kota Jababeka, in Cikarang, is strategically located 35 kilometers east of Jakarta along the Bekasi-Cikampek corridor, which connects Jakarta and Bandung. We recently expanded our presence in Kota Jababeka with a new mixed-use commercial development, as part of a joint venture with PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. We are also developing an integrated township in Tanjung Lesung that caters to the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries. Tanjung Lesung, which enjoys special economic zone status, lies approximately 170 kilometers southwest of Jakarta. In addition to these estates, land acquisition is ongoing in the Kendal Regency of Central Java, which is approximately 450 kilometers east of Jakarta, as part of a joint venture with SembCorp to develop an industry-based township. We have begun initial sales and infrastructure development for Kendal Industrial Park – Park by the Bay.

Each of our developments has or is expected to have dedicated infrastructure to support and complement the activities at each development. For example, Kota Jababeka has its own dry port, which facilitates import, export and domestic distribution activities by occupants of the estate, as well as a dedicated 130 megawatt (MW) power plant supported by an off-take contract with PLN, and which provides occupants with a stable supply of electricity.

The history of Jababeka began in 1989, on a bleak plot of land in Cikarang, West Java. In 1989, SetyonoDjuandiDarmono looked at a barren plot of land in Cikarang, West Java, and saw a vision take shape of a modern industrial city bustling with life and energy. Previously, the area had been known for its brick and roof tile industry, resulting in extensive soil damage as workers dug up the earth to make the bricks and tiles. Only a single kapok tree remained to green the earth. Locals viewed the area as a virtual ghost town. Undaunted, Mr. Darmono laid out an ambitious masterplan for the area with the goal of unlocking its potential. With a strategic location close to major highways and easy access to the capital city of Jakarta, this undeveloped plot of land had enormous potential.

Mr. Darmono secured some 5,600 hectares of land for this purpose and proceeded to invest in industrial infrastructure, creating an estate that would be attractive to industrial businesses. His ideas proved spot on and Kota Jababeka, as the township was named, swiftly became a popular destination for industrial business. In parallel, Mr. Darmono established residential housing, commercial and leisure facilities in order to support the employees working at these anchor businesses.

By 1994, Jababeka was thriving and the Company decided to go public, becoming the first publicly listed industrial estate developer in Indonesia.

Since then, Jababeka has grown from strength to strength on the back of its proven expertise in large-scale industrial estate and infrastructure development. A mature township, Kota Jababeka is now home to more than 1,600 local and multinational companies from over 30 countries including Australia, France, Japan, France, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan the Netherlands and The United Kingdom among others.

Building on its track record, Jababeka has continued to strengthen Kota Jababeka and branch out to replicate its success elsewhere across the country for the benefit of investors, businesses, communities, the government and partners alike.