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To create modern self sustained cities in every province across indonesia and provide jobs for better life.


In 1989, Cikarang, Bekasi was a plot of dry clay land. A group of 21 came together to form PT Jababeka, with a common vision of building an industrial township. The masterplan was made for 5,600 hectares and over the span of 25 years, various physical and social infrastructure was put in place to support the growth of a city.

These include a 130MW power station, an university and an inland port. As of 2014, more than 600,000 people work and live in the city and it continues to grow as the economic demand in the region grows with the increase of human activities.

With over 260 million population spread over more than 6,000 inhabited islands, it is notable that about 90% of national economic growth has stemmed from areas outside of Java. Other than central Jakarta, there are many opportunities for growth in other regions in Indonesia.

Hence, PT Jababeka believes that many more cities could be developed in Indonesia. As cities develop, the population in the region will receive better education and access to opportunities for better lives. PT Jababeka is committed to continue working with keen regional governments in Indonesia to duplicate the success of Kota Jababeka in their provinces. Such is the dream to create 100 cities in Indonesia.

The STRATEGY to realize the DREAM

This dream is not impossible. With a GDP that will hit US$1 trillion in 2014 and a strong bank of natural resources, there are diverse opportunities in all parts of Indonesia. The first step would be to identify locations with the strongest potential to grow. The next step is to leverage on these strengths and create the necessary connectivity to the global economy for the development of the region.

Once the connectivity is established, there would be growth in economic demand in the region that would support the development of the region. Through strong relationships with the local governments, PT Jababeka will work closely with the central and local governments to develop and enhance the infrastructure in the region to complement the city development. These infrastructure facilities could include the ports and roads.

PT Jababeka will also tap on the experience in city development to create the best masterplan that would suit the needs of all stakeholders including the social community and the investors.