Celebrating the Beauty of Tolerance at Jababeka’s Spring Festival

Jababeka Spring Festival is a magnet for the people of Cikarang and Jababeka City to spend the weekend.

CIKARANG – SPRING Festival or commemoration of the Chinese New Year 2023 in Jababeka City, Cikarang, is lively. Hundreds of visitors seemed enthusiastic to watch the performance of lion dances, kung fu, bazaars, CSR activities to band performances, last Saturday (11/2).

Lion dances and kung fu enliven the Spring Festival

The Spring Festival celebration organized by PT Jababeka Tbk is centered in the atrium of Hollywood Junction. The festivities opened when drums, gongs, and cymbal beats were heard. Then the red and yellow lion dance dancers came out walking to the front of the VIP guests. Three lion dancers began to sway compactly to the beat of drums and cymbals that were occasionally greeted by thunderous applause from guests and visitors.

Soon, the main dish of lion dance dancers began, namely the Lion climbing into a row of poles. On the pole, lions ran around and jumped from one pole to another. Even occasionally “standing” with only two legs on which makes one of the dancers have to be lifted by the other dancer.

One of the most interesting lion dance performances is when lion dancers eat dolls and throw them back to visitors. The visitors — most of whom came with their children — were very excited who tried to catch the doll for the Child. This suddenly made the atmosphere boisterous, and even managed to attract all visitors to the Hollywood Junction to the atrium area until the atrium became full.

After the lion dance dancers finished entertaining guests and visitors, a number of men and women dressed in kungfu entered the performance area. Yes, now is the time for a kung fu attraction session! The talents are so shrewd at issuing a series of kung fu moves using their bare hands and swords. Until it managed to amaze about 500s of visitors who had crowded the atrium area.

Many visitors capture the moment with cell phones. There are also those who watch from the front tenants of the culinary brand Hollywood Junction. Visitors who watched came from a variety of backgrounds. They cornucopia in the stage area to spend their weekend.

The beautiful form of tolerance

Before this lion dance attraction, the event was opened with remarks from the management of Jababeka, the Bekasi Regency government and related agencies. Setyono Djuandi Darmono as the founder and chairman of PT Jababeka Tbk was also present to witness the celebration. According to him, the Spring Festival celebration is a manifestation of the beauty of tolerance and unity in diversity as well as an effort to internationalize Cikarang through cultural events.

“After this, we hope, from Korea, from Japan to make similar events, and of course remote areas of Indonesia from their respective cultures. Because the Jababeka area is a meeting point, a place where various ethnic groups of religious cultures gather here, and to maintain a harmonious atmosphere, cultural events or cultural attractions like today are created,” said Darmono.

Acting Regent of Bekasi, Dani Ramdan, appreciated the Spring Festival event held by Jababeka. This celebration is a forum for religious people who celebrate Chinese New Year as a form of religious expression for those who celebrate it. He also hopes that Bekasi Regency can be an example in maintaining harmony between religions and cultures that have existed for a long time.

Dani Ramdan also supports the idea of the chairman of PT Jababeka Tbk Darmono to present various cultural celebrations into annual festivals, starting from Chinese, Japanese, Korean cultures, of course Betawi and Sundanese cultures which are the identity of the people of Bekasi and its surroundings.

“Hopefully (Spring Festival) can be an annual event and bigger and thank you Jababeka for his contribution to Bekasi and Indonesia,” said Dani Ramdan.

Successfully became an attraction

The lively Spring Festival doesn’t stop there. After the lunch break, the event was followed by a chinese band performance. They sang chinese hits and some of the visitors who stood up sang along. Some of the other visitors are enjoying the culinary snacks and bazaar that is present at the Spring Festival.

Yes, in the Spring Festival there are 10 culinary booths brought in by Effendi Hansen from Jababeka Ambassador Friendship and as well as 10 other booths whose participants are MSMEs assisted by Jababeka, in the form of woven bag products, wire crafts (brooches, necklaces, bracelets and others), and Bekasi batik clothes, and others. This makes the atrium of Hollywood Junction continue to be crowded from morning to evening. In total, there were 20 participants in the culinary booth and MSME Spring Festival bazaar.

“The culinary booth is filled with Cah Kue Tiaw food, Lontong Cap Goh Meh, Siomay, various juices, Aceh Noodles, Hainam Rice, various drinks, various cakes and fruits, snacks and chips,” said Hansen.

In between the series, there was also a distribution of Jababeka CSR social assistance in the form of donations of funds and clothes suitable for use to the Indonesian Association of Women with Disabilities in the district. Bekasi (HWDI), Fastabiqul Khoirot Foundation or ODGJ Orphanage (mental disability) and Sukawangi Inscription Nature School. In addition, Effendi Hansen also mobilized his community who are members of Jababeka Ambassador Friendship to collect wearable clothes that are sold cheaply in this Spring Festival event. The proceeds from the sale of these clothes are entirely donated to charity.

Sunday (12/2) – the second day of the Spring Festival – was no less crowded and lively. A series of interesting events are also present on Sundays. The appearance of lion dances and kung fu is the event that attracts the most attention of visitors.

The visitors who came with their children did not hesitate to greet the lion dance lion who was performing with a wave of their hands. Spring Festival 2023 – the final series of Cap Go Meh events held by Jababeka – has really been able to become an attraction for the people of Bekasi and Kota Jababeka in particular in spending weekend time. It is estimated that the total visitors during the two days of the Spring Festival reached around 1,000 visitors.

The event was attended by Saeful Islam as Member of the Dprd Commission 3 Bekasi Regency, Maj. Gen. TNI Purn Sumardi as Head of City Council Jababeka, Vega Violetta as Chairman of the committee, MC of the event as well as General Manager of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur, Eric Limansantoso as Vice President of Corporate Marketing of PT Jababeka Tbk, Prof. Dr. Ir. Chairy, S.E., M.M as Rector of President University, Dr. Drs. Chandra Setiawan, MM, Ph.D., as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of YPUP (Presidential University Education Foundation), and Irjen Pol Purn Ricky Wakano as Deputy LPKP and AKP (Presidential Community Academy) Jababeka.

Celebrating the Beauty of Tolerance at Jababeka’s Spring Festival