Correctio Collaborates with Startup Venteny and KitaLulus to Develop a Startup Ecosystem in the Jababeka Area

CIKARANG – September 19, 2023. CORRECTIO by Jababeka, a leading technology-based commercial area in Indonesia, is proud to announce the activation event that was carried out on September 19, 2023. This event is an important milestone for Correctio’s transformation into a dynamic hub for technological innovation, bridging the gap between advanced technology and progressive HR management strategies.

In collaboration with two startups, named KitaLulus, and Venteny, and venture capital firm, Indogen Capital as organizing partners, Correctio has hosted a transformative HRD workshop with the theme “Strategic HR: Integrating Technology Innovation to Build the Future Workforce”. The event sets the stage for a revolutionary convergence between technology and human resource management within the dynamic technology ecosystem at Correctio.

The event featured two speakers, Dyah Nurlita, Senior Data Science Instructor from Algoritma Data Science School, and Damar Raditya, Chief Operating Officer from Venteny. Dyah Nurlita discusses data science’s ability to shape contemporary HR practices, sharing insights on data-driven decision-making, predictive analytics for talent acquisition, and employee performance optimization.

Damar Raditya, meanwhile, explores the confluence between technology and employee well-being, how innovative solutions can improve well-being in the workplace, increase employee engagement, and create a harmonious balance between work and life.

The Correctio activation event welcomed 100 HR professionals from Jababeka tenants, who are at the forefront of innovation in their respective industries.

The activation event was a testament to Correctio’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment where technology-driven companies can thrive while embracing advanced HR management strategies that nurture their valuable assets, namely employees.

“We are excited to host this revolutionary workshop at Correctio,” said Cynthia Hendrayani as COO of Jababeka Infrastruktur. “This event reflects our vision to catalyze innovation in both technology and HR management practices, ensuring our tenants have the adequate knowledge to drive their organizations to success.”

“The workshop held together with startup company Venteny, KitaLulus, and venture model firm, Indogen Capital held at Fablab Jababeka is one of Correctio’s concrete actions to develop a startup ecosystem in Kota Jababeka where Fablab Jababeka is the embryo of Correctio” Iman Firmansyah, CEO of Fab Lab Jababeka.

The Correctio seminar event was very lively and the participants consisting of company professionals also established connections with each other. For information, Correctio is an area in Jababeka as “The New Silicon Valley” Indonesia with Fablab Jababeka as the embryo of Correctio with the pillars of Society 5.0, Industry 4.0, and Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Correctio was developed as a forum for startups, business people, industry, academia, and the government to collaborate with each other.

Correctio Collaborates with Startup Venteny and KitaLulus to Develop a Startup Ecosystem in the Jababeka Area
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