Dear HRD, here’s how the company can Survive THE Covid-19

Today we have moved from the VUCA era (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) or unexpected changes to COVID-19 or the uncertainty era. Not a few companies are falling now, and laying off employment (PHK) to its employees. But, not a few are also able to survive, even develop. Then a question arises: how can companies survive in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak?
Not frustrating, but adaptation
On the occasion of the HR Forum which is a forum from Jababeka to support tenants in overcoming various human resource challenges, Reza Widyaprastha, HR Director of Jababeka & Co., suggested that a company’s human resources (HR) not only carry out their routine work or business as usual . Human resources must be able to adapt in the midst of the current crisis, even if necessary become a motor of transformation in the company. That is because the role of human resources is vital in making companies survive and prevent layoffs of employees in the new normal era at this time.
“If there is a HR company asking, ‘how do we deal with COVID-19 in the new normal era in order to survive?’ Actually, the question that needs to be asked is ‘how can we adapt to this new normal period?’ and ‘how can we create new business opportunities?’ That needs to be underlined, “he said in the Jababeka HR Forum webinar: New Normal, From Vuca to COVID, Friday, June 26, 2020.
“So we have to adapt and anticipate. We have to get used to it. Don’t be frustrated. If the situation changes, you shouldn’t be stressed. For example, just sign a new organizational structure, but when it’s signed the structure changes again because of COVID-19. Don’t stress, “Added the man who also served as Chairman of the Indonesian Human Resources Directors.
Because the new normal period does not mean we return to normal conditions, but we adapt to the new normal. As HR, if the business world changes rapidly, don’t be considered strange. “But it is considered as a new normal. Just like people who currently have to wear masks when traveling, it has become a new normal,” explained Reza.
The key to adaptation in the new normal era
Deeper, he explained that the adaptation carried out by a HR there are three things, namely “reconciling” with technology, conducting efficiency programs for companies and increasing productivity.
“Making peace with this technology, that is, how does a HR who is not familiar with technology, such as online meetings, online presentations using Google forms, or technology stutter and now become learning and becoming accustomed,” he explained.
While conducting an efficiency program for the company, the aim is to maintain the company’s cash flow so that the company’s finances remain healthy. Because for companies to survive, they must have cash flow. Cash flow is the king, in the current crisis. Thus, an HR must make a policy to withhold any expenses that are considered less important in the company.
“In Jababeka Group itself we have 12 efficiency programs to maintain our cash flow. I submit the program to the directors, and at the end of the program I explain the financial impact; how many ‘numbers’ are saved if we implement the program.
It turned out to be quite reasonable, and also acceptable to employees. Because it’s better to work hand in hand with efficiency than there are employees who are laid off, right? And an HR must be able to propose the program and convince the directors. How? Studying finance to be able to attach a financial impact when applying for the program, “he added.
While the purpose of increasing productivity is how an HR can help companies to do business shifting in order to survive. That’s because COVID-19 has changed behavior and business.
“COVID-19 has made hobby activities increased, entertainment business has changed to online, home hygiene and instant food production has increased, service offerings and delivery of goods or food have increased, pharmacy, telemedicine, or online coaching. Those are all the business opportunities that lie ahead our eyes, just how we are shifting, “said Reza.
In order for the switching process in the company to run smoothly, Reza suggested coaching the leaders first. This is so that there is a common perception and later it can be emulated by their team. Because, said Reza, the new normal era requires companies to quickly adapt and respond because increasingly uncertainty is increasingly felt.
“Pay attention to the coaching methods and materials. Don’t use past success stories that are not necessarily relevant to current conditions. So, the material must be modified,” Reza said.
The lesson to be learned about the business world in this new normal era is the new normal era is the constant transformation. Every human being must look for new and different breakthroughs, and at the same time better continuously. Therefore, as much as possible the value can be understood and delivered properly when doing coaching.
“Someone once asked me,” Can we go back to the way we used to be? “We will never be back again. We have entered a new normalcy. This is because that’s the situation, like it or not. Adapt-shifting-and transformation. That’s the key word, “Reza closed.
Dear HRD, here’s how the company can Survive THE Covid-19