Fighting COVID-19, Jababeka Distributes Free Masks in Jababeka Industrial Estate

Positive numbers of people affected by COVID-19 are increasing and the government has issued an appeal to the public to be obliged to wear masks when outside the home. That’s because these efforts are considered to be one of the effective ways to stop the massive spread.
To help the government so that the community can carry out the appeal, PT Jababeka Infrastructure as the manager of the Jababeka Industrial Estate distributes free masks to the people in the Jababeka Industrial Estate.
“With this action the community is expected to be able to obey government and regional directives to protect themselves by using masks without worrying about how to get the masks,” Vega Violetta said as the Head of Tenant Relations of PT Jababeka Infrastructure, in Cikarang, Jababeka City, recently.
He added, the free mask distribution action was also an effort to implement an appeal that the Jababeka Industrial Estate is an area required to wear masks to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.
The location of the distribution of free masks is done at busy spots in the Jababeka Industrial Estate, such as at the Cetho Temple Post. The masks are in a box that can be taken easily and can be taken by all levels of society, especially online motorcycle taxis that often pass by in the area.
“Every person who comes is only allowed to take one mask. And to maintain order and obedience when taking a mask, there is a security guard there,” explained Vega.
The distribution of free masks has been going on since last Thursday (9/4) and this action will be carried out every day while the supply of masks is still available. (Qalbi)
Fighting COVID-19, Jababeka Distributes Free Masks in Jababeka Industrial Estate

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