Industrial Estates Can Become The Pioneer of Indonesia’s Economic Growth

NEW normal or the new norm order has been echoed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo. All local governments are currently agreeing to their application. One of them is Bekasi Regency which plans to reopen its economic activities. What is the current condition and readiness?
Setyono Djuandi Darmono as the founder and chairman of PT Jababeka Tbk, explained that COVID-19 actually gave several lessons. One by one it will be made aware of many Indonesian people will be questioned the importance of health and hygiene. Because it is an important key to avoid COVID-19.
Deeper, he explained that people need not worry too much because of COVID-19. Because someone issued a COVID-19 policy. Starting from wearing a mask when leaving the house, wash your hands regularly with soap, do physical distance and stay away from the crowd.
The application of the COVID-19 health protocol itself has also been carried out by the Jababeka Industrial Estate when the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) is imposed, even strictly. That, said Darmono, is to give a sense of security to those who work in industrial areas and to have activities in the area. Aired, the Jababeka Industrial Estate can still be operated during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“In other countries, COVID-19 to the state has made the country noisy and economic activities hampered. But, we need the required health protocols, Jababeka Industrial Estate is allowed to remain open.
If it’s like this, I’m sure the industrial estate can be the first pioneer to grow the Indonesian economy. So economic activity can recover, “he stressed in a webinar & seminar held on the Implementation of New Customs Adaptation in Industrial Estates, in Function Room 2, Jababeka Golf & Country Club, Jababeka City Cikarang, Thursday (6/18/2020)
The same thing was also conveyed by Kombes Pol. Hendra Gunawan as Bekasi Metro Police Chief and Chairman of the Bekasi District COVID-19 Task Force. He praised optimism that Bekasi could be the first area to recover first with other regions that continue to use health protocols. Because, all industrial areas in Bekasi during the past PSBB successfully implemented health protocols and has been proven to be able to contribute to providing substantial foreign exchange to the country.
He hopes that in the future health protocols must be maintained, not only companies in industrial estates but also MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). That is so that the number of positive numbers in a normal new era can continue to be increased or the ramps can be applied.
“We ourselves have conducted surveillance, we divided into five sectors and distributed our officials there. We agreed with the method of Mang Jaka or ‘Nyang Jaga Kampung Community’. Because we believe we will discuss the effective deployment of COVID-19, the front guard is the community, not the COVID-19 task force officer, “explained Hendra.
For industrial estates, the task force units are their respective companies. With this concept, the company participates and supervises to get more into one’s personal line. Related to someone’s discipline to conduct health protocols can be controlled, and the potential for dissemination is very minimal.
“In Bekasi, in the new normal period, the distribution curve has been sloping. This is an achievement for all of us. Therefore, I thank all parties for their cooperation, namely business actors, TNI, POLRI, Regional Government (local government), Health Facilities. (health facilities) and hospitals, “concluded Hendra.
Industrial Estates Can Become The Pioneer of Indonesia’s Economic Growth