Jababeka Distributed 5000 Free Packages Containing Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask to the Community

Jababeka Group and its subsidiaries, namely Jababeka Residence, Jababeka Infrastructure, and Jababeka Industrial Estate, successfully did social action with distributed 5000 free packages containing hand sanitizer and face mask to the community in around the Jababeka City of Cikarang.
This social action gets positive responses from society and some communities in Cikarang Area because Jababeka can distribute packages through the drive-thru with obedient according to health protocol COVID-19.
“This action is a real manifestation and devotion to the community and the government in the fighting the spread of COVID-19,” said Suteja S. Darmono, President Director Jababeka Residence in its official broadcast, Saturday (16/5/2020).
Furthermore, the statistical increase in the positive patients of COVID-19 in Indonesia is significant enough nowadays, namely more than 14.000 confirmed cases.
In April 2020, Jababeka cooperates President University Foundation with hundreds of tenants and partners of Jababeka did donate Rp 7 billion, in the form of medical equipment, such as hand sanitizer, personal protective equipment (APD), face shield, disinfectant fluid to Satgas Covid-19 in Bekasi Regency.
Hyanto Wihadhi, Director of PT Jababeka Tbk, said the prevention efforts of COVID-19 need to done simultaneously, both it government, community, and the business world.
Jababeka also actively conducts prevention in the office environment, industrial area, and commercial area in Jababeka City Cikarang. Starting with giving encouragement and socialization, 24 hours environmental security, provision hand sanitizer, and face mask in office and Marketing Gallery environment until the spraying disinfectant regularly in the residential environment, shop, and industry.
Jababeka’s support in handling COVID-19 is in line with the company’s core values that promote sustainable social concern to the community. “We will continue to develop ourselves and give a positive impact to society to create a better life, said Suteja S. Darmono.
*the above article is an adaptation of the article released: https://kabar24.bisnis.com/read/20200516/15/1241512/lawan-covid-19-jababeka-bagikan-5000-paket-hand-sanitizer-dan-masker
Jababeka Distributed 5000 Free Packages Containing Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask to the Community