Jababeka together with Bekasi Covid-19 Task Force Team, BNPB, & BIN Conducted a Bulk Swab Test in Bekasi District

Jababeka Group, through one of its Jababeka Residence units, collaborated with the Bekasi District COVID-19 Task Force team, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the National Intelligence Agency (BIN), held a mass swab test located on Kancil and Kijang Street, Cikarang Housing Baru, Cikarang, Thursday (07/09/2020).

The specimen was collected from morning to evening. Meanwhile, the sampling was carried out by the West Java health service team supported by BNPB and BIN.

Eric Limansantoso as General Manager of Corporate Marketing of PT. Graha Buana Cikarang (Jababeka Residence), explained, the purpose of this activity is one of a series to break the chain of COVID-19 distribution in Bekasi District.

“Entering the new normal era, it does not mean we are easing our efforts to deal with COVID-19. No. Preventative efforts continue to be carried out. This activity itself is a form of commitment to continue to try to break the COVID-19 chain,” he explained. Jababeka Marketing Gallery, Kota Jababeka, Thursday (7/9/2020)

In this activity, 500 rapid test kits were provided for residents in the vicinity of Cikarang Baru housing. Eric hopes that this activity can be used by local people to take early prevention to save themselves and their families.

“I see that the enthusiasm of the community is very positive towards the mass swab test. Many Cikarang residents have just registered, both from Cikarang Baru Housing and housing estates in the surrounding area. And I hope, the results of this swab test, all are negative,” concluded Eric.

The Jababeka Group continues to run and emphasize the discipline of undergoing the COVID-19 health protocol strictly to employees, tenants and residents to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As for residential areas, residents are emphasized to wear masks, maintain physical distancing, diligently wash their hands with clean water with soap or hand sanitizer, and avoid crowds.

While in the office and industrial workplaces, health protocols have also been carried out in the new normal era, namely taking temperature measurements using thermal gun at the entrance of the workplace, no overtime, requiring workers to use masks while at work, applying physical distancing in all activities work, such as setting the distance between workers at least one meter in each work activity, setting the work desk, setting the chair and others.

Jababeka together with Bekasi Covid-19 Task Force Team, BNPB, & BIN Conducted a Bulk Swab Test in Bekasi District
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