Run While Donating at Run For Hope, Come on!

World Industrial Tourism, a subsidiary of the Jababeka Group, cooperates with the Dunia Kasih Harapan Foundation (HOPE Bracelet) with its founders, Wulan Guritno, Amanda Soekasah and Janna Soekasah Joesoef, who run a virtual charity called RUN FOR HOPE. The virtual charity run itself is a running event that can be done anywhere at any time and can be “repaid” run distance for the purpose of running.
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Themed Charity Virtual Run, this event is taking place from June 8 to July 5, 2020. The purpose of Run For Hope is to provide assistance to workers, the creativity needed from the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, donations will be transferred to senior workers behind the scenes of the film industry which will be channeled through APROFI Care (Indonesian Film Producers Association).
B.A. Hadisantoso, COO of Jababeka Hospitality, hopes that this event will run with many participants so that many donations will be collected. Because, he said, in the current pandemic conditions, all members of the community please help for those in need. “Therefore, I invite everyone. Let’s join this event. Let’s show that we can help others,” said Hadisantoso.
Jababeka Group held the Run For Hope event also on the basis of environmental conditions in the City of Jababeka which have lower pollution levels than Jakarta. As is known, the City of Jababeka has a variety of dwellings and facilities, one of which is the Sport City cluster that is under development. The cluster provides 7600 m2 of complete sports facilities and a green area. In addition, there is also a green and shady open area with cool air called Jababeka Ecopark.
“We were moved to make this event, because from the beginning Jababeka also paid attention to the film industry in Indonesia. It was created by developing an area called Movieland which is now one of the iconic areas in the City of Jababeka. And, this virtual charity event is being run is one of our concrete manifestations of our commitment to assist the government and the people of Indonesia in facing the challenges of COVID-19, specifically helping to ease the burden on the community, “explained Sutedja S Darmono as Director of PT Jababeka Tbk at the Jababeka Marketing Gallery, in Kota, Jababeka Cikarang, Cikarang, Monday (29) / 6/2020)
The same thing was also conveyed by public figures who participated in this virtual run charity, one of which was VJ Daniel Mananta. He said, “This is the perfect time for you to try to run. Because, in addition to running you are not in vain and it certainly makes you healthy, but this is also to help people.”
Meanwhile, actress and model Kelly Tandiono added, “Please, join us. Because the purpose of this event is to share and because of the conditions of this pandemic we must help each other. Come and join us. “
“Come join us! Because Run For Hope carries a mission, not just walking,” added Sigi Wimala, a model and actress who likes running.
If you are interested in participating in this virtual charity event, you can follow Instagram stories live every Wednesday and Saturday on the Instagram account accounts @gelangharapan, @iluvrunvirtual and @wulanguritno. The event will be guided by the founders of the World Love Foundation, namely Wulan Guritno, Amanda Soekasah and Janna Soekasah Joesoef. There will be many positive things that you will be able to take while running this charity, starting from running tips and running experience with public figures.
“When running we need to know our goals for running, because we have to have goals, that will make it easier for us to reach the finish line – I run with my heart not with my feet,” Chicco Jerikho said while giving tips on running when donating directly.
As of June 23, 2020, the participating public figures were Donco Chicik Jerikho, Sigi Wimala, Kelly Tandiono and VJ Daniel. While the public figures that will include June 24 to July 5, 2020, are Winky Wiryawan, Kenes Andari, Joe Taslim, Marsha Thimoty, Dian Sastrowardoyo, and Ibnu Jamil.
While the Run For Hope running distance you can choose there are three, namely 5K, 10K and 21K. You can register at http://iluvrun.com/RunForHopeAdvanced, and upload the @iluvrunvirtual application to be able to run at any time and at any time during the running period.
If you have registered, you have automatically donated IDR 30,000, – and you want to donate through barcode scanning or through aksimuda.id/runforhope. All running participants who take part in running this charity will get e-bib, e-certificate, jersey and achievements according to the distance chosen.
Run While Donating at Run For Hope, Come on!
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