Improving the Tourism Sector, PT Jababeka and Morotai District Government Establish Cooperation

PT Jababeka Tbk and the Morotai Island District Government cooperated to improve the tourism sector in Morotai Island- North Maluku Province. In the effort of cooperation, PT Jababeka Tbk together with the Morotai Provincial Government conducted a marketing and marketing technical guidance seminar with the theme “Morotai 2030 Daloha and Creative.”

The event was held at the Morotai Regent’s Office, on Saturday (05/02), by presenting marketing expert Prof. Hermawan Kartajaya as a speaker and attended by morotai government officials. Starting from echelons 2, 3, and 4 and state civil apparatus in the morotai district.

In the seminar, Hermawan explained that Morotai Island has many uniqueness in the tourism sector in the form of World War II relics. In addition, Morotai Island also has a fisheries and agriculture sector because it has abundant natural resources.

According to Hermawan, to be able to take advantage of these potentials, the Morotai Government needs to cooperate with various investors. One of them is PT Jababeka Tbk which is the parent company of Jababeka Morotai which is the management and developer of morotai Special Economic Zone. By opening the door as much as possible to investors, Hermawan believes the tourism sector of Morotai Island can increase.

Later in the seminar, Hermawan explained also about how to do digital marketing strategies that are effective and on target. That’s because it has now entered the digital era and there is no other way to deal with these conditions by adapting. Tourism promotion currently needs to be done with two approaches, namely digital and conventional promotion.

Furthermore, Hermawan hopes that participants participating in Technical Guidance activities can change mindset or mindset, professionalism, leadership and be able to carry out good tourism governance. “Because of this we can compete with other regions,” said Hermawan.

Meanwhile, M Umar Ali as Regional Secretary of Morotai Island Regency said the government will continue to communicate and build cooperation with PT Jababeka Tbk better. The goal is that the concept of tourism and fisheries that Morotai Island wants to develop in the future runs well.

He also hopes that the participants of this bimtek activity get benefits so that there is a change in the running of activities in each region.

In response, Basuri Tjahaja Purnama as President Director of PT Jababeka Morotai, said that his party was ready to help related to the improvement of the tourism sector. Whether for the recovery of the tourism sector affected by the pandemic or the long-term development of tourism.

Improving the Tourism Sector, PT Jababeka and Morotai District Government Establish Cooperation
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