Increasing Tolerance Between Communities, Jababeka Presents Religious Tourism of 6 Religions

Cikarang, 06 June 2024INDONESIA is one of the countries with the largest population in the world, in addition to its large population, Indonesia also has diverse ethnicities and cultures. This diversity lives with mutual respect and appreciation in the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika which is reflected in every region of Indonesia, especially Jababeka City.

Jababeka City is an independent city that has an area of 5,600 hectares with a variety of world-class facilities from residential, business, commercial, educational, and health, to green open spaces, with complete facilities Jababeka is not only inhabited by Indonesian people but also expatriates.

“The city of Jababeka itself is currently dominated by more than 2,000 national and multinational companies with diverse ethnicities and cultures, so this area has a high tolerance between fellow communities,” Albert Mulyono as Head of Township of PT Graha Buana Cikarang

To increase tolerance between fellow communities in the Jababeka City area and its surroundings, PT Jababeka Tbk donated 1.2 hectares of land to the Bekasi Regency government so that it can be used as a religious tourism park. At this initial stage, the office of the Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) of Bekasi Jababeka Cikarang Regency has been built.

For your information, the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) itself is a forum built by the community and facilitated by the Government in building, maintaining, and empowering religious people to improve community harmony.

On Monday (13/05/24) the Office of the Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) of Bekasi Regency was inaugurated in Jababeka, Cikarang. In addition to the inauguration of the FKUB office, that day was also the momentum for laying the first stone for the construction of houses of worship of six religions in the religious tourism area.

The construction of the religious tourism park begins with the construction of the FKUB office, in addition to being used as a secretariat where representatives from the religious assembly work, this office can be used as a place for deliberation, dialogue, exchanging ideas to build agreements to reach an understanding so that Bekasi Regency will continue to progress and prosper.

“The plan is that in the religious tourism park, six houses of worship will be built with the characteristic design of each religion. This religious tourism area is open to the public so that the community and visitors can see the diversity and religious harmony in the Bekasi Regency area. Religious tourism parks are also equipped with digital technology that will make it easier for the community and visitors,” continued Albert.

The existence of a religious tourism park has made Jababeka City succeed in becoming an integrated area that carries the concept of “Live, Work, Play”. Religion itself is an important part of people’s lives, especially in Indonesia, so that religious tourism parks are able to meet the religious needs of the community which are included in the Live pillar.

“With the presence of the 6-religion religious tourism park, people in Jababeka City can carry out work, housing, education, enjoy entertainment, and religious activities in one area with complete facilities and a sense of security and comfort,” Albert concluded.

In addition to complete facilities and meeting the concept of “Live, Work, Play”, accessibility and community connectivity from and to Jababeka City is also getting easier because currently, modern infrastructure development is underway such as MRT phase III Cikarang-Balaraja and LRT Jakarta-Cikarang which will later stop in the middle of Jababeka City, of course, this will improve the economy in this region. Therefore, Jababeka City is still the right choice as a comfortable place to live or invest.



Increasing Tolerance Between Communities, Jababeka Presents Religious Tourism of 6 Religions
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