Intermodal Integration from Cikarang Station with DAMRI Shuttle Bus to Jababeka City, Facilitate Public Access Using Public Transportation

ACCESSIBILITY for people to Cikarang, especially Jababeka City, will be easier. This followed the inauguration of Cikarang Station and DAMRI Shuttle Bus Route Cikarang Station -Hollywood Junction- Jababeka City by Minister of Transportation Budi Karya and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani. Where this is the integration of intermodal movements so as to increase the comfort of people who want to travel in the direction of Cikarang.

This was proven by the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani who came to the inauguration of Cikarang Station by taking a microbus type DAMRI bus from Jababeka City to Cikarang Station.

“This intermodal integration at Cikarang Station will support accessibility to industrial areas so as to encourage economic improvement and productivity of the surrounding communities,” said Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi during the inauguration at Cikarang Station, Cikarang Regency, Thursday (31/3/2022).

Responding to this collaboration with DAMRI, Sutedja Sidarta Darmono, Director of PT Jababeka Tbk, as an independent city developer in the Jababeka City Area, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, Ministry of Transportation – Director General of Railways, and DAMRI who have synergized in optimizing the mass force in Cikarang. His party is committed to making efforts so that people’s interest in using public transportation is increasing.

“Jababeka City area has now become a place of business for more than 2000 national and multinational companies from 33 countries with the number of workers reaching one soul and the population reaching more than 1.2 million people. Even two million more people who move in Jababeka City during productive hours. So that the flow of people to Jababeka City from morning is relatively high, be it employees from outside Cikarang who work in Jababeka City or local communities. So, the presence of intermodal integration of Cikarang Station from KRL with damri shuttle bus will help people to and from Jababeka City, “explained Sutedja.

Moreover, sutedja added, jababeka city area is now transforming to become a city with a concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD City). Where jababeka is trying to encourage people to be able to return to using mass public transportation related to at least 10 modern infrastructure developments that will be around the Jababeka City area.

Starting from the station and krl commuter line, Elevated Highway Jakarta – Cikampek which has been operating since December 2020, JORR II toll road, MRT phase III Jakarta-Balaraja, LRT Jakarta-Cikarang, High Speed Train Jakarta-Bandung, Patimban Port and Kertajati International Airport which has been operating since July 2019.

“Jababeka area as TOD City has existed since 2020 with the presence of public transportation with Jabodetabek Airport Connexion service, Jabodetabek Residence Connexion, AKDP Bus at Hollywood Junction. And coupled with the DAMRI Shuttle Bus service with the Cikarang Station route to Hollywood, not only is people’s access to and from Jababeka City easier, but TOD City in Jababeka continues to grow with an increasingly reliable public transportation war,” explained Sutedja who is also the President Director of Jababeka Residence – as the manager and developer of jababeka city area.

Meanwhile, Agung Wicaksono, Managing Director, as PT Jababeka Infrastruktur added that, “The presence of DAMRI Buses for this route is very appropriate in helping the community in fulfilling transportation access for the Jababeka City Area area which has been using private vehicles, such as motorcycles, because of the limited access to public transportation from Cikarang Station to the Jababeka Area. So, this has indeed become a necessity in the Jababeka City Area. And we are grateful that the collaboration between Jababeka and DAMRI can be realized in our efforts to build TOD City. Thank you for damri’s support and hopefully this collaboration goes smoothly.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Railways of the Ministry of Transportation, Zulfikri, believes that the presence of Cikarang Station and DAMRI shuttle buses will have a positive impact on the community. He said he was optimistic that intermodal integration at Cikarang Station could encourage people to return to environmentally friendly transportation while accommodating the growth of the community to and from Cikarang which has been using private transportation.

The same thing was also conveyed by the President Director of DAMRI Setia N. Milatia Moemin. He explained that the opening of the service could provide convenience for the community, especially Commuter Line / KRL users from Cikarang Station to use DAMRI to work in the Jababeka City Area area.

The Cikarang – Hollywood Junction Jababeka Station route operates every Monday to Saturday from April 4, 2022 with a departure schedule every 1 hour from 05.30 to 17.30. “DAMRI deploys the best fleet of microbus buses with a capacity of 12 customers that will be operated to support the service,” explained Milatia. As for the fare, DAMRI provides a promo rate of Rp10,000.00 at the beginning of the journey from Cikarang Station to Hollywood Junction Jababeka or vice versa.

Intermodal Integration from Cikarang Station with DAMRI Shuttle Bus to Jababeka City, Facilitate Public Access Using Public Transportation