Introducing MONIJA, Jababeka’s Website-Based Environmental Reporting System

CIKARANG – As an independent city developer who is committed to providing comfort and satisfaction for tenants and prospective tenants, PT Jababeka Tbk (Jababeka) continues to strengthen its digital services, especially services in the Jababeka-Cikarang Industrial Estate. This is because the behavior of tenants and prospective tenants has changed due to the pandemic which makes them rely on digital technology in their work or activities.

Many efforts have been made by Jababeka in strengthening its digital services. Most recently, Jababeka has released its latest environmental reporting system, namely Jababeka Environmental Online Monitoring (MONIJA) on February 21, 2023, at Fablab Jababeka. MONIJA is an Electronic Reporting in the Field of Environment for Businesses and / or activities in the form of a website system that replaces printed reporting. MONIJA Website Reporting (https://monija.jababekainfra.com) can be accessed both through computers and smartphones.

The release of this website-based environmental reporting system was also carried out socialization which was attended by more than 80 tenants of the Jababeka Cikarang Industrial Estate. Socialization activities run interactively and this socialization activity is the first batch where it will be carried out periodically every month until July 2023.

Vega Violetta as General Manager of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur, explained that the MONIJA system is a form of commitment from area managers in realizing the vision as “A modern infrastructure and township management company based on digital technology 4.0 with humans towards society 5.0”. One of the steps implemented is the change of the hard copy reporting system to an online system.

“The system has been developed since last year and from today we are socializing. It is expected that, starting from the reporting of semester 1/2023 in July, area tenants will be able to report the results of their monitoring through MONIJA,” said Vega Violetta in the socialization of the system.

“To report in the MONIKA system, tenants are required to register their companies through area managers to get an account,” added Vega.

In the event, Arnoko Idakto S.T., M.M. as the Head of Law Enforcement of the Bekasi Regency Environmental Service was also present as a speaker. He was present to encourage tenants of the Jababeka Industrial Estate to comply more with environmental regulations with the presentation material “Environmental Management and Monitoring Based on the Job Creation Law and Its Derivatives”. On this occasion, the manager of the Jababeka industrial estate also socialized changes in the Jababeka Industrial Estate Code of Conduct.

Signing of cooperation

In addition, in the event there was a signing of cooperation related to B3 waste management in the Jababeka Industrial Estate between PT Jababeka Infrastruktur represented by Vega Violetta and PT PPLI represented by Tetsuya Yumoto.

The purpose of this collaboration is expected to help bring B3 Waste management facilities closer to regional tenants. Starting from providing a team of administrators, transportation fleets and packaging of B3 Waste in the Jababeka Industrial Estate, assisting in creating festronics accounts, ensuring management to the destruction of B3 Waste in accordance with regulations.

Presentation from Imam Zulkarnain as Senior Sales Industrial Manager of PT. PPLI runs interestingly. Imam conveyed the importance of treating B3 waste produced because it can have an impact on human health as an example of waste containing PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) can trigger degenerative diseases, such as cancer, decreased immunity, and an increased risk of heart disease.

“Currently, PPLI is the only one that has PCBs waste treatment technology in Indonesia,” he said.

Not only B3 waste management, Jababeka also introduced a new business unit to regional tenants, namely JAMAGGO. JAMAGGO is an organic waste management program that uses bioconversion technology with Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae or commonly called Maggots as an effort to reduce organic waste that accumulates.

With a series of socialization events, this is the “Soft Launching of the MONIJA System” conducted by Jababeka. “In fact, it can be said that Jababeka became the first area manager to implement digital 4.0-based online environmental management reporting in Indonesia,” vega concluded.

Introducing MONIJA, Jababeka’s Website-Based Environmental Reporting System