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PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk (the Company) is a leading fully integrated industry-based township developer in Indonesia, listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Jababeka’s core business is developing industry-based real estate, supported and enhanced by infrastructure and township management services. Jababeka’s business model is to develop industrial real estate sites in a manner which builds critical mass and allows the Company to offer and enhance complementary commercial and residential developments as well as infrastructure and estate management services; thereby creating an industry-based township.

Jababeka offers a wide range of industrial real estate and complementary infrastructure and estate management services that are attractive to businesses engaged in light, medium and heavy industries. The Company also develops commercial and residential real estate as part of its integrated industry-based township development. Jababeka’s flagship industry-based township, Kota Jababeka, in Cikarang, is strategically located 35 kilometers east of Jakarta along the Bekasi-Cikampek corridor, which connects Jakarta and Bandung. Jababeka is also developing an industry-based township in the Kendal Regency, Central Java, which is approximately 450 kilometers east of Jakarta. This township will be developed through a joint venture with Sembcorp, a Singapore-listed company. Currently, land acquisition in Kendal is ongoing and pre-marketing of the industrial estate has commenced. Furthermore, land fill to prepare the first 100 hectares for development has started and project launch is imminent. In addition to these estates, the Company is also developing an integrated township in Tanjung Lesung that caters to the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries. Tanjung Lesung, which enjoys Special Economic Zone status, lies approximately 170 kilometers southwest of Jakarta.

Each of Jababeka’s developments has or is expected to have dedicated infrastructure to support and complement the activities at each development. For example, Kota Jababeka has its own dry port, which facilitates import, export and domestic distribution activities by occupants of the estate, a dedicated 130 megawatt (MW) power plant, which became operational in January 2013 supported by an off-take contract with state-owned power company PLN, and which provides occupants with a stable supply of electricity, as well as 2 water treatment plants and 2 waste water treatment plants.

Annual Reports

Shareholder Meeting

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Financial Reports

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Stock Information

Share Listing HistoryDateSharesAcumulated Share
Initial Public Offering10-Jan-9547.000.000313.640.000
Bonus Shares22-Jul-96156.820.000470.460.000
Rights Issue I16-Dec-96156.820.000627.280.000
Additional Listing without Pre-emptive Rights11-Jun-0284.676.815711.956.815
Additional Listing without Pre-emptive Rights19-Feb-0312.128.665.38312.840.622.198
Additional Listing without Pre-emptive Rights7-May-04637.599.76813.478.221.966
Additional Listing without Pre-emptive Rights12-Oct-04302.650.58513.780.872.551
Rights Issue II20-Oct-
Stock Dividend2-Aug-13304.476.31520.121.371.043
Stock Dividend4-Jul-14113.908.03220.235.279.075
Stock Dividend10-Aug-15426.899.61020.662.178.685
Stock Dividend14-Jul-17162.703.68420.824.888.369

Dividend Policy

PT Jababeka Tbk has a policy to pay cash dividend within the range of 25% – 35% from the consolidated net profit after tax in that particular financial year.

The Company intends to pay cash dividend at least once a year. The amount of cash dividend depends on the Company’s profit in that particular financial year, without neglecting the Company’s financial health and taking into account the right of the General Meeting of Shareholders to decide otherwise in accordance with the Company’s Article of Association.

Company Presentation

KIJA Presentation Material – May 2024Download

information disclosure

Information Disclosure23 July 2021Download
Information Disclosure18 March 2020Download

IR Contact

Menara Batavia 25th Floor
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 126
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Ph. 62 21 572 7337
Fax. 62 21 572 7338

Tim Beekelaar
email: tim_beekelaar@jababeka.com
Muljadi Suganda
email: muljadi@jababeka.com