Jababeka Care for Education, Tens of Billion Rupiah Scholarship Program

Happy 76th Independence Day Republic of Indonesia!

During this pandemic period, salary cuts to Termination of Employment are experienced by many workers in almost all cities in Indonesia. The workers who live in Kota Jababeka, Cikarang are no exception. Yes, not a few residents of Kota Jababeka have experienced the impact of Covid-19 such as Termination of Employment (PHK) and Salary Deductions >50% so that they have difficulty meeting their daily needs or paying for their children’s school fees.

Seeing these conditions, PT Jababeka Tbk. (Jababeka) did not remain silent. As a form of concern for the residents of Kota Jababeka who have been affected by the pandemic, Jababeka in collaboration with the President University Education Foundation (YPUP) has prepared educational scholarships for residents who have experienced termination of employment (PHK) or salary cuts >50% and still have family dependents to support them. Continuing education (KB, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, university).

The scholarship program entitled “Jababeka Care for Education” is valid at all levels in YPUP schools, namely KB, Kindergarten, President Special Needs Center, Elementary, Middle, High School, and President University. The scholarships that will be awarded are full scholarships and partial scholarships up to 76%.

The conditions for the scholarships provided are also easy and free of charge, namely (1) residents of Kota Jababeka attach an ID card or domicile letter, (2) a letter of termination of employment or a salary deduction letter (>50%) from companies affected by COVID-19, and (3 ) family card or certificate for school-age children.
“This scholarship program is expected to be able to ease the burden and benefit residents of Kota Jababeka who have been affected by layoffs by providing scholarships at all levels of education,” said Budianto Liman, President Director of PT. Jababeka Tbk.

The selection of the Jababeka scholarship program consists of three stages, namely (1) registration from 17 August – 15 September 2021 2021, (2) assessment and verification from 17-18 September, and announcement on 20 September 2021. For those of you who wish to register, registration is only done online via an online form by clicking the link at: bit.ly/Listbeasiswajababeka.

Kota Jababeka, August 17, 2021

Jababeka Care for Education, Tens of Billion Rupiah Scholarship Program