Jababeka City Ready to Become a Metropolitan City After Jakarta Releases Capital Status

Cikarang, May 16, 2024 – The Special Capital Region (DKI) of Jakarta has officially changed its name to the Special Region of Jakarta (DKJ). The plan to move the Nusantara Capital City (IKN) will begin in July 2024. Through this move, Jakarta fully becomes the center of Indonesia’s economy so that the surrounding area, especially the eastern area of Jakarta, has great potential to become the next metropolitan city.

A city should be called a metropolitan city as long as it meets several aspects and conditions. Starting from the existence of advanced and rapid infrastructure, a large population, economic centers, diverse civilizations, developing technology, to cultural and educational centers. All of these provisions have also been fulfilled by the eastern corridor of Jakarta, especially Jababeka City, which was developed by PT Jababeka Tbk in 1989.

The eastern corridor of Jakarta, especially Jababeka City, is currently equipped with a number of advanced infrastructures and is transforming into a Transit Oriented Development (TOD City) area. Infrastructure in the form of expressways or toll roads around Jababeka City includes the Jakarta-Cikampek Elevated Toll Road or Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ) Elevated Toll Road, Becakayu, Sunter-Pulo Gebang, South Cikampek/Cikampek II, and Jakarta Outer Ring Road/JORR 2.

Not only that, currently there is also ongoing construction of modern infrastructure such as MRT Phase III Cikarang-Balaraja and LRT Jakarta-Cikarang which will later stop right in the middle of Jababeka City. So that the accessibility and connectivity of the community from and to this area will be easier, as well as being able to have a positive impact on the economy of Jababeka City. In the near future, this area will also be connected to the commuter line (KRL) which is equipped with a double-double track line (Manggarai-Cikarang), Patimban Port, and close to Kertajati Airport

“In line with the rapid and promising economic growth in Jababeka City, the population in this region also continues to increase. One of them is because of the abundance of employment, considering that most of the population who live in Jababeka City are workers in the region. The city itself is dominated by multinational companies so many expatriate workers choose to live and settle here,” said Ferry Thahir, Senior General Manager of Corporate Marketing of Jababeka Residence.

It is recorded that to this day, Jababeka City has been dominated by more than 2000 national and multinational companies. No wonder many expatriate workers from Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan choose to live and settle here. At least there are more than 30 countries from outside that have businesses in this region.

In an effort to support international standard business activities in Jababeka City, PT Jababeka Tbk provides world-class city facilities ranging from education to health, such as President University and dozens of health facilities spread across the region.  Jababeka City even has a Fabrication Laboratory that collaborates with BRIN to design and implement research programs, technology development, and utilization, as well as innovations that are relevant to the needs of industry and society. The Fabrication Laboratory or Fablab is the embryo of the Silicon Valley Jababeka project known as Correctio. This laboratory has been registered as one of the international Fablab networks in the world and made it one of Indonesia’s PIDI 4.0 satellites.

“PT Jababeka Tbk as a developer not only focuses on the economic sector, but also has a commitment to create a better life for the community by paying attention to other aspects such as social and environmental,” added Ferry.

From the environmental aspect, Jababeka has a land area of 5,600 hectares, of which more than 15% is a green open space that is a natural air filter as well as the lungs of the city. This area also has a 70-hectare golf course which is an oasis in the east of Jakarta and makes Jababeka City look very green and beautiful, so it is inversely proportional to the views of the people who consider this area to be closely associated with pollutive industrial activities.

Jababeka City also pays great attention to water as a basic need of the community by providing water treatment plant facilities and wastewater treatment plants that are able to treat and supply clean water throughout the city. Not only that, Jababeka City has also implemented renewable electricity, namely by using solar power plants in a number of city facilities that function to reduce the amount of carbon in the area.

Consistently Becoming a Property Supermarket

In fulfilling the aspect as a metropolitan city, of course, it is incomplete if there is no adequate residential area in it. For this reason, PT Jababeka Tbk through its business unit, Jababeka Residence, is actively launching a variety of superior residences such as Golf Villas, Kraton Residence, and The Oscar which is a premium housing cluster. As for commercial projects, there are Hollywood Boulevard Signature and Sudirman Boulevard which are prima donna commercial areas with dozens of well-known tenants in them.

“Jababeka Residence is famous as a supermarket for property products. We have a lot of options that are varied. With a reputation that has been known for more than 35 years, it’s no wonder that many people glance at this area. Not only from within the country but also from abroad are interested in developing this area with us,” said Ferry.

At least three companies from Japan have joined Jababeka Residence, including Creed Group, Keihan Group and Mitsui Fudosan Asia. It should be noted that Jababeka Residence is an integrated residential and commercial area that carries the concept of sustainable and integrated development. Equipped with a variety of facilities, ease of access, and competitive prices, this area is in demand by the public and investors.

“This is proven in the first quarter of 2024, Jababeka Residence has successfully sold three residential clusters in the Sport City mega cluster, namely Sevilla Townhouse, Monaco Townhouse, and Wimbledon Townhouse,” he said.

Ferry admitted that the clusters in Sport City Jababeka are indeed one of the primadonna and are most looked at by consumers, the majority of whom are first-home buyers. “With the success of the previous three clusters, we are now immediately releasing the latest cluster of our collaboration with Mitsui Fudosan Asia (MFA), namely the Ubaki cluster. The unit price is very affordable with installments starting from IDR 3 million per month,” continued Ferry.

There are two types offered by the Ibuki cluster, namely Ibuki Hakusan (LB43/LT45) and Ibuki Fujisan (LB54/LT60). These two types are two-story residences with 3 bedrooms. Carrying the concept of a Japanese-style house, the features in each unit are equipped with smart door locks, CCTV, high ceilings, cross ventilation systems, flexible house layouts, and open house layouts.

Each unit in Ibuki is offered in a compact residential design that is suitable for first-time homebuyers because it has a touch of modern tropical architecture and modern Japanese building style. In the interior of the house, the living room, kitchen and dining room are made in open space, and there are many window openings that function to ensure maximum air circulation. Meanwhile, the high ceiling feature is deliberately designed not only to give a sense of relief to the space but also to bring freshness and comfort to the residents of the house.

Ferry said, “The 3 interesting points of Ibuki are a good ventilation system, 24-hour security with one gate system, and a project in collaboration with MFA. The choice of building materials is not arbitrary, Jababeka Residence and MFA present comfortable and quality housing.”

From the Ubuki cluster, residents can reach all facilities in Jababeka City such as 5 minutes to Tod Jababeka, 6 minutes to the hospital, 5 minutes to the university, 5 minutes to Hollywood Junction, 5 minutes to Jababeka Golf & Country Club, 11 minutes to the toll gate, 10 minutes to Living Plaza Jababeka, and 16 minutes to the Cikarang KRL station. Not only that, not far from the location of Ibuki, there will soon be a premium commercial area, namely Plaza Indonesia Jababeka and AEON Supermarket.

For millennials and first home buyers, the Ibuki cluster is said to be very ideal as a first place to live. Considering the price is still affordable, the proximity to important facilities, and being within the city of Jababeka which is located in the eastern corridor of Jakarta. Not only does it meet all the ideal criteria for a metropolitan area, but the geographical location of the eastern corridor of Jakarta also still has a high potential to continue to be developed.

This is proven by the increasing number of retail and commercial flocks in this area. Starting from AEON from Japan, Grand Outlet was developed by Mitsubishi & Tuan Sing group, Living Plaza by Kawan Lama Group, and not to forget Plaza Indonesia. Of course, this condition further advances the economic movement of the eastern corridor, especially Jababeka City, so that it is able to increase the attractiveness of the region for investors.

“The city of Jababeka, which is included in the eastern corridor of Jakarta, not only fulfills its capacity as a metropolitan city, but more than that, it participates in offering a balance to create a better life with a strong economy without neglecting other aspects such as social and environmental. In addition to being an area with the best economic value, this area is also able to carry the value of life and has high potential in the future,” said Ferry.

Jababeka City Ready to Become a Metropolitan City After Jakarta Releases Capital Status