Jababeka Collaborates with PT Starvo Global Energi to Present Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS)

JABABEKA Group continues to develop the area in its projects. Recently, through one of its subsidiaries, Jababeka Residence, it has succeeded in cooperating with PT Starvo Global Energi as the largest national electric vehicle charging station provider company today, to present a Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station in the Kota Jababeka Cikarang area. As is known, the electric car industry is on the rise and the Indonesian government has also implemented a program to accelerate electric cars in Indonesia.

The cooperation with PT Starvo Global Energi has been stated in a cooperation agreement letter that has been signed by each other. This collaboration includes the procurement, sale and installation of SPKLU/EVCS (Electric Vehicle Charging Station) which is focused on the Kota Jababeka area, including commercial buildings, smart manufactures, smart homes and the construction of independent SPKLU stations in public and open areas.

Rachman Elly as Director of Starvo Global Energi, provides support for the vision and mission of the developer of Kota Jababeka Cikarang which is not only limited to procurement, sales and installation of EVCS. But also participate in providing education to the public or prospective property buyers, both housing and warehousing by compiling an electrification education program together with the Jababeka Group property marketing team.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT. Grahabuana Cikarang, Sutedja S. Darmono explained, “With the realization of this good collaboration, it is hoped that it can provide new conveniences and comforts for residents in Kota Jababeka, as well as being one of our first steps in realizing Smart Townships that are ready to welcome the coming of the era of industry 4.0 and society 5.0. .”

Tjahjadi Rahardja as Director of PT. Grahabuana Cikarang welcomed the collaboration with Starvo Global Energi and said that this was in line with Jababeka’s efforts and commitment in creating a friendly green environment. Jababeka itself has several times received the Green Proper award from the Ministry of Environment & Forestry (KLHK) as proof of Jababeka’s commitment to keeping the environment green.

There are 3 business models that have been agreed between PT. Grahabuana Cikarang & PT. Starvo Global Energi that has been adapted to each individual’s needs, namely STO (Sell To Operate). STO itself is focused on procuring sales of EV Chargers for modern smart warehousing complexes or “smart manufacture”. Then the SOP (Sell Own Operate) which is focused on procuring EV Charger sales for modern smart housing complexes or “smart home”, and also ITO (Invest To Operate) which is focused on procuring EV Charger installations in commercial buildings within the Kota Jababeka area. In the long term, the two companies agreed to build an Electric Car Charging Station in a public area to support economic activities in the area by collaborating with the STO & ITO business model.

For your information, Kota Jababeka itself is a modern independent city located in the East Jakarta corridor. The development of the industrial area began in 1989. Now Kota Jababeka has been transformed into an integrated business and residential destination with an area of ​​5600 hectares. Kota Jababeka continues to innovate and collaborate with various parties to realize the best Smart Township Ecosystem in Indonesia.

The steps for PT. Grahabuana Cikarang & PT. Starvo Global Energi also received support from the government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources who was also present at the signing of this Cooperation Agreement; Price & Electricity Coordinator of the Directorate General of Electricity, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Gigih Udi Atmo.

Jababeka Collaborates with PT Starvo Global Energi to Present Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS)
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