Jababeka Conveyed the Importance of Public and Private Sector Synergy in Developing TOD at the TOD Forum 2022

PT Jababeka Tbk is a leading independent city developer in Indonesia that plays an active role in the development of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in Indonesia through collaboration and synergy between stakeholders. One of the proofed of this effort is Jababeka’s participation in the 2022 TOD Forum which will be held on 7-8 July 2022 at the Assembly Hall of Menara Mandiri- Jakarta.

The TOD Forum itself is part of the TOD Fair 2022 summit event held by MRT Jakarta. In the TOD Forum 2022, Jababeka participated in a session with the theme “Investment and Business Opportunities in the TOD Area” in collaboration with Britcham, where Suteja Sidarta Darmono as one of the Directors of PT Jababeka Tbk was present as moderator and Agung Wicaksono as Managing Director of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur as one of the speakers.

In the session, Agung said that the Jababeka City Area- Cikarang is now transforming into a city with a TOD concept. The transformation is based on the many modes of public transportation whose meetings ended and began around the Jababeka City Area, including the double-double-track KRL Commuter Line that has been operating until Cikarang Station which has been inaugurated.

“And especially is the plan of MRT Jakarta phase III (East-West) which connects Balaraja in Banten to Cikarang in West Java,” said the man who once served as Director of Operations and Maintenance of MRT Jakarta. Also, the two national strategic project infrastructures that will soon operate next year – namely the Jabodebek LRT to Bekasi and the Jakarta Bandung High-Speed Train which has a Karawang Station stop – will be able to connect with the  Jababeka City Area.

In addition, Agung said, now the City of Jababeka has been served with public transportation ranging from Jabodetabek Airport Connexion services, Jabodetabek Residence Connexion, AKDP Buses and DAMRI Shuttle Bus services with routes from Hollywood Junction to Cikarang Station, to Sinar Jaya Buses from Riverview Apartments to Central Java. All of this further strengthens the integration of existing transportation in the Jababeka City Area which prioritizes the principle of transit-oriented development (TOD).

However, in the construction of an MRT project – including the Cikarang-Balaraja MRT phase III, Agung emphasized the importance of synergy between the public sector (government) and the private sector. He explained that based on his experience, in the aspect of financing the construction of MRT Phase I came from financing from government loans, both central and regional governments, namely DKI Jakarta.

According to Agung, the financing method in the construction of MRT phase III can invite the private sector, both foreign and domestic companies, to work on it together. This is considering that the expansion of the MRT Phase III construction is relatively long, which will stretch for 87 KM.

“And Jababeka can support one of them by providing land for the station,” agung said.

He added that the “collaboration strategy” was applicable in building mrt Phase III. This is because if you use an approach like in mrt phase I, it will take a long time, considering the length of the track and the variety of government parties involved, both central and regional, that cross 3 provinces from Banten to DKI Jakarta to West Java. Therefore, Agung said, it is necessary to take another innovative and synergistic approach in the construction of MRT Phase III.

“When it comes to MRT, it’s all about innovation. And the synergy (between the public and private sectors) has also begun to be realized with the MoU between PT Jababeka Tbk and MRT Jakarta and PT Jasa Sarana regarding the construction of mrt phase III in March, which is a good first step,” explained Agung.

The session was attended by Merry Morfosa as Head of Planning and Utilization of Urban Space-DKI Jakarta Provincial Spatial and Land Creation Office (CKTRP), Iwan Kurniawan as Head of the DKI Jakarta Development and Environment Bureau, and Annisa Danu Purwanti as sub-coordinator of Service II of the DKI Jakarta Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service (DPMPTSP), and closed directly by Farchad Mahfud as Director of Business Development of PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) as the organizer of this TOD Forum.




Jababeka Conveyed the Importance of Public and Private Sector Synergy in Developing TOD at the TOD Forum 2022