Jababeka, Gerakan Peduli Sesama & Bekasi Regency Social Service, Provides Compensation to Orphans Victims of Covid-19

ONE of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic is that many children are forced to become orphans. No exception for children in Bekasi Regency- West Java. Yes, not a few children who live in Bekasi Regency become orphans or orphans due to the death of their father or mother as the backbone of their family. This condition has an impact on the number of children who are threatened with dropping out of school because they can no longer afford the cost of their education.

Seeing that condition, many people were moved to help. One of them is PT Jababeka Tbk (Jababeka), Komunitas Gerakan Peduli Sesama, and the Bekasi Regency Government through the Bekasi Regency Social Service. They work together to create a Orang Tua Asuh Program for orphans or orphans whose parents died from Covid-19. Where Jababeka, The Caring Movement of Others, Bekasi Regency Social Service provides compensation in the form of cash to 11 orphans or orphans for five months in Bekasi Regency.

Syofi Raharja as Coordinator of the Gerakan Peduli Sesama explained that the provision of compensation is a form of concern for others, especially children in order to continue their education. Compensation assistance will be given to 11 orphans or orphans in two areas of Bekasi Regency – which is a built area of Jababeka, namely Central Cikarang and East Cikarang. The compensation value is 1 million per child, starting from February to June 2022.

“For children who have lost their parents, hopefully this help can be useful, especially education,” said Syofi, in his speech, at Jababeka Golf & Country Club, recently.

Meanwhile, Tjahjadi Rahardja as Vice Director of PT Jababeka Tbk added that Jababeka together with the Bekasi Regency Social Service will verify the data of orphans or orphans who are entitled to donations to be referenced to the Caring Movement.

In addition, Jababeka and Bekasi Regency Social Service will also monitor the development of orphans or orphans during the donation period.

“Hopefully this program can run smoothly, provide benefits to children and make them continue the spirit of learning later,” said Tjahjadi.

Meanwhile, Endin Samsudin as the Head of Bekasi Regency Social Service thanked Jababeka and the Gerakan Peduli Sesama for helping 11 orphans whose parents died from covid-19 in Bekasi Regency. He hopes that the help can provide blessings for donors and also benefit the orphans who receive later.

“I say a big thank you on behalf of the local government through social services, thank God, this established partnership continues,” Endin said.

More deeply, Endin also hopes the Foster Parents program becomes a sustainable program. So, hope Endin, do not stop in June 2022 only so that more orphans are helped.

Jababeka, Gerakan Peduli Sesama & Bekasi Regency Social Service, Provides Compensation to Orphans Victims of Covid-19
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