Jababeka Group Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award from West Java Provincial Government

Jababeka Group through one of its subsidiaries, PT Jababeka Infrastruktur, won the award Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the West Java Provincial Government, at the Indonesia Sues Building, Bandung, last Wednesday (30/12). Jababeka Group received an award as one of the five companies with the largest CSR contributions during 2020. 

The award was given directly by Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, SE as  Deputy Governor of West Java, to Tjahjadi Rahardja as President Director of PT. Jababeka Infrastruktur as the manager of the Jababeka Industrial Estate.

In an interview, Tjahjadi said he was proud of the award received by PT. Jababeka Infrastruktur because of this award proves that Jababeka cares about the condition of the community, especially around the Jababeka Industrial Estate. Even PT Jababeka Infrastruktur does not hesitate to invite companies in the region to collaborate through CSR activities that are beneficial to the surrounding environment.

He added that this achievement certainly motivated Jababeka Infrastruktur to make innovations in its CSR programs. So that it can have a positive impact on society, especially in people in West Java.

“Jababeka has 5 pillars of the CSR Program Jabar (Friendly Jababeka), namely, an Education Position, a Healthy Position, an Economic Position, an Environmental and Socio-Cultural Position. In 2020, Jababeka supports the government in preventing Covid-19, including by distributing basic necessities, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) assistance, hand sanitizers and other equipment to support Covid 19 prevention, “explained Tjahjadi.

Meanwhile, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, SE, did  not forget to appreciate the five companies that have contributed greatly to CSR in 2020. He believes that development in West Java can be carried out well if there is cooperation between the government, the private sector and the community. Moreover, during the current pandemic conditions that have broken many pillars of the economy and made people lose their jobs or reduce their income.

“We hope that this activity can trigger other companies to contribute more to their CSR activities. Meanwhile, those who get the award today are getting bigger CSR funds, and the company is getting better. This can be a motivation for companies that are not yet optimal. 

The CSR funds that are used by the government and other organizations start from transparency and security. We are sure that the security can be trusted. Don’t doubt gentlemen, we want to encourage economic growth so that the people of Jabar will become champions. According to our program, West Java is Born Inner, “he concluded.

Jababeka Group Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award from West Java Provincial Government