Jababeka Held Socialization and Workshop to 29 Hamlet regarding Jababeka Eco Award

PT Jababeka Tbk as the developer of an integrated industrial area into an independent city, held a socialization and workshop for the implementation of the Jababeka Eco Award program, at the President Executive Club, (17/3), Jababeka-Cikarang Area. As is known, Jababeka Eco Award is a hygiene competition to appreciate the achievement of hamlet who are able to maintain cleanliness and improve the quality of the environment around the Jababeka area and are dedicated to realizing Smart Eco City.

Tjahjadi Rahardja as Vice President Director of PT Jababeka Tbk explained that socialization activities and workshops are one of a series of Jababeka Eco Award programs whose grand opening has been held on December 28, 2021 and attended by the Regent of Bekasi Regency. The purpose of this socialization and workshop is to provide information, guidance, and education to hamlet representatives. So that they understand the details of the Jababeka Eco Award program and how to participate in the activity.

The reason is, in this jababeka brought in speakers from a team of experts to provide knowledge about “Challenges and Keys to Success in Realizing a Smart Eco City”. In addition, it is also explained the material on “Environmental Arrangement and Household Waste Management”.

Hopefully, the results of the program can encourage efforts to improve environmental quality and make the environment in each hamlet clean, neat green and neat, or can even make waste into goods of economic value – which can improve the economy and family welfare.

“But, go back later to (identifying) environmental problems that exist in each hamlet environment, because each environmental problem will be different follow-up or solution. And it will be different from the results of programs created in a hamlet environment,” explained Tjahjadi.

Tjahjadi explained, about 29 people were present representing 29 hamlet and the interest of hamlet to participate in the Jababeka Eco Award program was relatively high when informed of this activity.

“Of the 29 people in the area around Jababeka Area, all representatives came and they were so enthusiastic and active during the discussion session with the speakers,” explained Tjahjadi.

He hopes that this good signal can continue with residents in every halmet willing to be actively involved in running the Jababeka Eco Award cleaning competition. Because without the active role of the community, not only the Jababeka Eco Award program is not effective but the development of the Jababeka area as a Smart Eco City is difficult to achieve.

Maj. Gen. TNI (Purn) Sumardi as Head of city council Jababeka added that Jababeka has prepared tens of millions of rupiah and intensive coaching for the winners, while the first assessment (administration) will be carried out in March-April 2022 and will be followed up with field assessments from the Jababeka team and the assessment team from the Bekasi Regency Environmental Office by visiting every RW that passes the qualification.

Eddy Sirotim as the Head of Waste Control from the Environment Office of Bekasi Regency, who was present as one of the speakers expressed his greatest appreciation for Jababeka. Because Jababeka is the first private party and the only residential, commercial and industrial area in Bekasi Regency that conducts award program activities for the environment, and becomes a pilot project for the Environment Office of Bekasi Regency to cooperate with the private sector in rewarding communities that care about the environment.

He said socialization and workshops are the right steps to encourage optimal community involvement in the Jababeka Eco Award program.

Moreover, according to Eddy, the Jababeka Eco Award program is good as an education in reducing waste which currently has capacity in Burangkeng landfill has exceeded capacity. Because the main key in tackling waste is behavior change. Where after the Jababeka Eco Award program, Eddy believes that he will be able to reduce the amount of waste that enters burangkeng landfill.

The socialization and workshop was also attended by Vega Violetta as Secretary General of city council Jababeka and Agung Sujatmiko as General Manager of Estate and Property Management as well as the chief executive of jababeka Eco Award activities and Sri Yunitta from the Red Ant Environmental Care Foundation as one of the workshop speakers.

Jababeka Held Socialization and Workshop to 29 Hamlet regarding Jababeka Eco Award