Jababeka Holds Cikarang Industrial Expo (CIE) 2023 Together with TPMI, an Industrial Exhibition to Support Investment in Bekasi

CIKARANG, August 23, 2023. PT Jababeka Tbk together with TPMI group held the 8th Cikarang Industrial Expo exhibition held for two days from August 23-24, 2023 at the President University Convention Center. The exhibition was attended by multinational and international companies.

“This exhibition is expected to be a forum for potential investors and companies who want to find opportunities from tenants participating in the Cikarang Industrial Expo. Of course, this activity will provide new investment opportunities in the Jababeka area and its surroundings and be an attractive step to improve the economy and create new jobs here,” said Hyanto Wihadhi, one of the Directors of PT Jababeka Tbk.

Cikarang Industrial Expo is the first step for Jababeka in increasing the potential of the Industrial Estate built since 1989. Trade Show & Industry Cikarang Industrial Expo (CIE) provides a professional business platform for local industries as well as for manufacturing companies that are active internationally.

Unifying the manufacturing industry exhibition, it will provide synergistic efforts among industry players to attract greater participation, both for exhibitors and visitors & buyers (trade visitors) to establish business relationships between companies (B2B) in the development of smart manufacturing technology & digital transformation.

The exhibition also displays Manufacturing Equipment, Material Supplies & Service, Industrial Automation &; Robotics, Logistics, Mechanical Engineering & Electrical, Laboratory Testing & Environmental, Machine Tools &; Measuring, Water & Waste Management, Construction, Energy & Power, Safety & Security,

plus the introduction of Big Data, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Solutions and Applications has accelerated the Smart Industrial & Manufacturing Exhibition that brings highly connected machines and devices and supports knowledge to transform the manufacturing sector.

With a seminar agenda entitled Smart Manufacturing & Digital Transformation, workshops, technology demos, business matching and networking that provide many opportunities to collaborate and increase business relationships between industry players and investors.

“This is of course something that should exist, Jababeka as the largest industrial area has an expo that can provide opportunities for industries here to display their products to the wider community.

This also provides an opportunity for the industry here to synergize and collaborate with vendors, government, and MSMEs. So, this event can be a bridge for all parties and become an icon for events in Bekasi Regency,” said Bekasi Regent Pj Dani Ramdhan.

In March 2023, Jababeka also inaugurated the development of a new industrial area, namely Jababeka e-commerce Industrial Park, which is the development of the Jababeka Phase 9 area.

This new area of 400 ha will be developed gradually and it is believed that in the future it will become a new destination for industry players either in starting or developing their business as well as becoming a new investment option in the Eastern corridor of Jakarta.

Located in the middle of adequate infrastructure with a strategic location, Jababeka Industrial Estate Phase 9 was built in 4 clusters, including a startup cluster, a halal industrial cluster, high-tech industrial cluster, and a bio tech industrial cluster.

The development of the first phase of Jababeka Industrial Estate Phase 9 has been successfully sold 100% with a period of approximately 3 months. And now Jababeka has prepared the second phase of development for industry players and investors both from within and outside the country.

Jababeka Holds Cikarang Industrial Expo (CIE) 2023 Together with TPMI, an Industrial Exhibition to Support Investment in Bekasi