Jababeka Industrial Estate Won Green level PROPER Award 2019

PT. Jababeka Tbk, through its subsidiary PT. Jababeka Infrastructure, as the manager of Jababeka Industrial Estate, succeeded in achieving the green level award of Company’s Performance Assessment in Environment Management (PROPER) 2019 from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Green level PROPER is given to businesses and activities that have been conducting environmental management more than required in regulation (beyond compliance), such as implementing environmental management systems and utilizing resources efficiently and carrying out social responsibilities well. Meanwhile, if the environmental management is done only according to the requirements, the appreciation will be given is Blue level PROPER.

The PROPER award was received by representatives from PT Jababeka infrastructure namely Endy A. Budyanto as General Manager of PT. Jababeka infrastructure which is given directly by the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, at the Vice President Palace, Wednesday (8/1/2020).

Responding to that, Tjahjadi Rahardja as President Director of PT Jababeka Infrastructure, felt proud because the Green level PROPER award was proven that the efforts of the Jababeka Industrial Estate in keeping the clean production system and developing social responsibility programs have been successful. And for the year 2019, Jababeka Industrial Estate became the only industrial estate that managed to obtain a Green level PROPER award.

“In addition, this award also confirms the commitment of Jababeka Industrial Estate in conducting a clean business and maintaining the environment well, reducing emissions, participating in protecting biodiversity, and already a commitment to community empowerment programs,” he said.

According to Tjahjadi, Jababeka Industrial Estate can achieve green level PROPER award because it successfully implemented an environmental management system ISO 14001, then the alignment of the program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the Environment Office, which is to reduce the poverty gap of society through community empowerment with the provision of independent business training. In addition, the work program that is implemented has a sustainability year in years.

“Our work program is always sustainable. What we have done, such as reducing emissions, is in line with the Environment Office. Such as in this year’s theme, we must follow, so there is synergy. Perhaps this year of flooding, we make the program work. In 2019, the theme of eradicating poverty, we made it a reference. So, every year what we do there are ‘red yarn’, ‘ said Tjahjadi.

Jababeka Industrial Estate Won Green level PROPER Award 2019

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