Jababeka Welcomes the Implementation of Electronic Certificate Rules

Cikarang, June 27, 2024 – OWNING a comfortable and safe home is a dream for most people in Indonesia. Not only environmental factors are the main consideration when buying a house but also other factors such as legality. Legality is often a problem that consumers often face when they want to buy a house, such as unclear land, the validity of certificates, and complicated disputes. For this reason, the public is urged to pay attention to the legality and track record of developers before buying a house.

To improve public security, the government through the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (Ministry of ATR/BPN) issued rules for the implementation of land certificates or e-certificates contained in Ministerial Regulation Number 1 of 2021 concerning Electronic Certificates. This regulation has been started since 2021, until now there are 104 land offices that are ready to transform towards electronic certificates, one of which is the Bekasi Regency Land Office. Located in an area that is ready to transform, Jababeka City in Cikarang, which is one of the independent city projects from PT Jababeka Tbk, a trusted developer who has been active for more than 35 years, certainly welcomes this rule.

“Having a safe residence is the dream of every community, not only providing a comfortable environment but also safe legality is a commitment that we have always maintained so far, Jababeka Cikarang City is included in the area that can apply electronic certificates so that with this rule it can increase the safety and comfort of residents and prospective residents” Robin Riduan Head of Legal PT Graha Buana Cikarang

In early June 2024, the Bekasi Regency Government launched an Electronic Certificate carried out by the Bekasi Regency Land Office. At this moment, Jababeka is the only developer invited to receive an electronic certificate.

Electronic Certificates aim to reduce obstacles and crimes that often occur when people buy houses. Equipped with a QR code, the public can easily see the validity of information to increase security and minimize risks related to fake and duplicate certificates, in addition to technology helping to speed up the process of making certificates.

Jababeka City, which is a technology-based independent city, certainly welcomes this rule positively, in an effort to increase the understanding of the people of Jababeka Cikarang City regarding electronic certificates, Jababeka Residence held a Customer Day event on Thursday, June 27, 2024, entitled “Getting to Know Electronic Certificates for Your Property Better” at the Mayfair Jababeka Marketing Gallery. This event was filled by Mr. Riyanto S. Tosse, S.SiT., M.Si – Head of the Determination and Registration of Rights Section of the Bekasi Regency Land Office, Mr. Arif Darmawan – Coordinator of General Substance and Personnel of the Bekasi Regency Land Office, Mr. D. Irja Pratama – Chairman 1 of KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati, and Mrs. Dini Hayati, SH as a notary.

Through this activity, it is hoped that the people of Jababeka Cikarang City can understand that this transformation helps maintain the security of community land documents from disasters such as floods, loss, damage, and fires because all data has been stored in the database.

For people who still hold analog certificates, there is no need to worry because in substance the two are not different. However, to improve public safety, they are urged to switch to electronic certificates.

As one of Indonesia’s national vital objects, this area prioritizes the safety of every inhabitant, especially since this area is not only a home for the local community but also for expatriates.

“This transition has a positive impact on increasing the security, legality, and comfort of residents or prospective buyers over their land ownership rights, with increasing public trust, it will certainly affect economic growth and provide a stimulus for the property industry, especially in Jababeka City, Cikarang,” added Robin

Not only is Jababeka a high level of security and track record as a leading developer, Jababeka City in Cikarang is also supported by economic activities with a global reach and world-class educational, health, entertainment, and commercial facilities so that residents can carry out all activities within one area.

As a TOD city, accessibility and community connectivity from and to Jababeka City is also getting easier, it only takes 40 minutes to get to Jakarta, besides modern infrastructure construction is currently underway such as MRT phase III Cikarang-Balaraja and LRT Jakarta-Cikarang which will later stop in the middle of Jababeka City.

“With high security and quality both in terms of legality and the environment, as well as integrated complete facilities, it will certainly increase economic growth, so that people do not need to hesitate to move and choose Jababeka City as a place to invest, do business or live,” Robin concluded.

Jababeka Welcomes the Implementation of Electronic Certificate Rules