Jababeka Morotai and PT Binamitra Kwartasedaya Sign Cooperation Agreement on Street Mall Development in Morotai SEZ

PT Jababeka Tbk, through one of its subsidiaries, PT Jababeka Morotai, signed a cooperation agreement with PT Binamitra Kwartasedaya regarding the construction of Street Mall as the first commercial & an entertainment center concept on Morotai Island and supporting facilities in the Morotai Special Economic Zone (KEK), on the island of Morotai. Morotai, North Maluku Province.

The signing of the cooperation agreement was represented by the President Director of PT Jababeka Morotai, Basuri Tjahaja Purnama and Setiawan Mardjuki as directors, with Laurencius Wisnu Budiman in his position as Director of PT Binamitra Kwartasedaya in the Board of Directors Room, 25th floor, Menara Batavia- Central Jakarta, Monday (16/8/2021).

For your information, the Morotai SEZ is one of the national priority destinations, including one of the selected national strategic projects. Morotai, dubbed the “Pearl of the Pacific Rim”, is known for its natural beauty and marine tourism, as well as being a relic of the former World War II. Meanwhile, PT Binamitra Kwartasedaya is an experienced developer and a contractor company that has been established since 1995 and has an office in North Jakarta.

After the signing of this cooperation agreement, PT Jababeka Morotai will provide land with an area of ​​± 17,000 m2 which is located in the Morotai SEZ, Falila Village, Morotai Island Regency, North Maluku Province. Meanwhile, PT Binamitra Kwartasedaya is responsible for developing tourism in the form of building street malls and other supporting facilities in the Morotai SEZ.

Wisnu as Director of PT Binamitra Kwartasedaya welcomed this collaboration. This is because the Morotai Special Economic Zone offers good business opportunities if you have the right business strategy.

“Today, it is an activity to want to build a street mall. That’s because we see many opportunities and opportunities on the outskirts of Indonesia because the infrastructure and facilities are still minimal. But there are still challenges, it will run smoothly or vice versa depending on the strategy. So it cannot stand alone, there must be other supports,” explained Vishnu after the signing of the cooperation.

Basuri Tjahaja Purnama also believed the same thing. He said that there had to be a proper strategy so that the existence of street malls could “turn on” the Morotai SEZ, and his party had also prepared, namely the existence of making large-scale annual events, then there were also medium and small-scale events.

“We continue to strive to build Morotai SEZ as an industrial area and a new city. And with this cooperation agreement, we want to realize a new city in Morotai which will become a place that supports the economy and for tourism there through the presence of a street mall,” explained Basuri. .

He also added that the street mall, which will consist of 115 shop house units, will become an entertainment mall for the surrounding community and newcomers and tourists. Because there will be a center for holding local cultural wealth exhibition events – including as a means for MSMEs to show and promote their products,

And every day there will be sports competitions such as Futsal or volleyball, art performances, karaoke competitions, and other competitions to enliven Morotai Island. According to Basuri, this effort will attract local achievers, and make the Morotai SEZ much more alive.

“We want to make a street mall every year there will be a big event, where the main prizes are cars and so on, and every month there is a competition. If necessary, for 365 days there will be continuous events.

Well, that’s our strategy to advance the Morotai SEZ. So the housing already exists, the mall is there, the industry is about to enter, then the new city will ‘become’. So, the Morotai SEZ will move forward,” concluded Basuri.

Furthermore, Basuri also hopes that with the construction of Street Mall as a commercial and culinary center on Morotai Island, to serve local and international tourists, as well as industries in Morotai, it can attract leading brands to open their outlets such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, H&M, Boga Group with restaurant chains such as Kimukatsu, PepperLunch, Sushi Yay, Bento Yay, Shaburi, Paradise Inn, Paradise Dynasty, and others.

Jababeka Morotai and PT Binamitra Kwartasedaya Sign Cooperation Agreement on Street Mall Development in Morotai SEZ