Jababeka Net Zero Cluster Announced at World Economic Forum 2023 in Davos- Switzerland

PT Jababeka Tbk (Jababeka) is fully committed to helping realize Indonesia’s vision of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. One of the concrete actions taken by Jababeka is to declare an ambition statement with three of its tenants with a carbon neutral target by 2050, and the Jababeka-Cikarang Industrial Estate to join the World Economic Forum (WEF) network as The First Net Zero Industrial Cluster in South East Asia at the G20 – B20 Summit series, last November 2022.

The first step as proof of Jababeka’s commitment to Net Zero Cluster is the inauguration of the Rooftop Solar Power Plant (PLTS) at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in the Jababeka Industrial Estate Cikarang – to be used to distribute clean water in industry with electricity from clean energy – on January 11. In addition, the inauguration was also followed by the establishment of the Jababeka Net Zero (JNZ) Forum as a forum for sharing knowledge in finding solutions to reduce emissions in the industrial sector for companies in the Jababeka Industrial Estate – Cikarang. The inauguration carried out by the Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion (EBTKE) Dadan Kusdiana representing the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources on January 11, 2023, is Jababeka’s clear proof of its commitment to decarbonizing the industry.

Not quite there, Jababeka then continued his commitment to the world arena, namely participating as a researcher at the session of Indonesia’s ASEAN BAC Chairmanship in 2023 in the World Economic Forum Annual Event at Accenture Lounge, Davos- Switzerland on January 17, 2023. On this occasion, Agung Wicaksono as Managing Director of Jababeka Infrastructure conveyed the readiness and steps for preparing the Jababeka Industrial Estate – Cikarang roadmap in realizing the Jababeka Net Zero Industrial Cluster 2050.

“Jababeka Net Zero Cluster is built on an industrial estate that is more than 30 years old and is the legacy of our founders, namely Mr. S.D Darmono and (alm) Mr. Hadi Rahardja. Being the first industrial estate in ASEAN from developing countries that are members of the WEF network, Jababeka together with partners and committed tenants will collectively voice the needs of tenants related to sustainable products and services, the use of new and renewable energy to the potential for collaboration with global signatories that can significantly affect the industrial sector in Jababeka, ” Agung said.

The discussion panel also participated by Pertamina which was attended by Pertamina (Persero) President Director Nicke Widyawati as the largest company in Indonesia and the only one included in the Fortune 500, as well as Jababeka’s energy partner to decarbonize the industry.

Jack Azagury as Group Chief Executive of Accenture Strategy & Consulting as the host said that, “Jababeka is the 12th cluster in the netzero industrial cluster initiative, which has since grown to date there have been 17 industrial clusters, with various advances have been achieved in solar PV, co-firing biomass as a substitute for renewable energy, waste treatment, electric vehicle infrastructure, and so on.”

Then, speaking on the panel was Anindya Bakrie CEO of Bakrie & Brothers as a company that was inspired to join as the 17th netzero cluster, with the establishment of the INBC consortium for the development of the battery industry for sustainable EVs. The discussion panel was opened by Shinta W. Kamdani as Chair of B20 Indonesia 2022 representing the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Bernardino Vega as Chair of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (BAC) 2023, where Indonesia was appointed to hold the ASEAN Chairmanship 2023.

Agung Wicaksono added that, “The presence of the Jababeka-Cikarang Industrial Estate in the map of industrial estates in the world at the World Economic Forum we hope will provide pride for Indonesia and ASEAN. Coinciding with 2023, Indonesia will become the chair of ASEAN, hopefully the commitment as the first industrial area in ASEAN towards netzero will continue.”

Furthermore, Agung explained that the next step taken by Jababeka was to compile a roadmap for decarbonization of the Jababeka Industrial Estate -Cikarang with tenants and Pertamina as energy partners.

“We invite tenants to jointly develop baselines and strategies for decarbonization according to the needs of business processes and conformity with the technology that continues to be developed. Because the target of achieving Indonesia Net Zero by 2060, can only be achieved with netzero industrial estates earlier than that, therefore we set 2050 as the target.”

For your information, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is an independent international organization that annually holds events involving business, political, academic and other community leaders to shape the global, regional and industrial agenda. Since 2021, the WEF, together with Accenture and EPRI, has launched global initiatives to support industry clusters to achieve carbon neutrality. Where the industrial sector contributes to 30 percent of global carbon emissions, so industrial clusters are key players in accelerating the path to carbon neutrality.

At the annual meeting on January 19, 2021 in Davos, WEF announced 9 industry clusters that were included as signatory so that it became 17 clusters. At this year’s annual event, WEF also launched the Annual Report 2023 Transitioning Industrial Clusters towards Net Zero, where Jababeka Net Zero Industrial Clusters was announced to be included in one of its lists.

Jababeka Net Zero Cluster Announced at World Economic Forum 2023 in Davos- Switzerland