Jababeka Provides Assistance to Posyandu in North Cikarang

Jakarta, Beritasatu.com – The presence of Integrated Service Post (Posyandu) cadres who come directly from the surrounding environment has made Posyandu an important role for public health, especially for pregnant women and toddlers in that environment. This applies even in the current pandemic era, where people or families still want to get health services.

In this pandemic condition, Posyandu finally adapted so that it could continue to provide services, namely by implementing the Covid-19 preventive health protocol. Starting from managing the time to come to Posyandu, wearing masks and maintaining distance.

One of the implementers of this health protocol is Posyandu Melati VI located in Simpangan Village, Cikarang Utara. However, these efforts to conduct health care did not go smoothly, due to the lack of waiting space for Posyandu visitors to maintain distance from one another.

Seeing these conditions, Jababeka Infrastruktur through the Cipadu CSR Program (Cinta Posyandu) does not remain silent. Jababeka Infrastruktur – a business unit of the Jababeka Group – provides posyandu repair assistance in the form of adding a roof and supporting equipment for other activities, in the form of desks, cabinets and portable wireless speakers.

The Head of PKK Simpangan Village, Hj Iyos greatly appreciates the assistance provided by the Jababeka Infrastructure. This is because the community, especially pregnant women and mothers who bring their toddlers, feel safe and comfortable if they want to get services from this Posyantu Melati VI.

“This assistance is needed because with the addition of a canopy in the front room of the Posyandu, mothers and toddlers can wait their turn without overheating,” explained Hj Iyos, in Simpangan Village, North Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, Thursday (11/2 / 2021).

In addition, Sri as one of the Posyandu cadres added that electronic assistance would certainly make it easier for posyandu cadres in managing people who wanted to get health services.

Responding to this, Aris Dwi Cahyanto as General Manager of PT. Jababeka Infrastruktur admits that they are happy because the benefits of Jababeka Infrastruktur assistance can be felt directly. Because Jababeka Infrastruktur continues to strive to consistently help people affected by the current pandemic conditions.

“This is a form of our commitment to care, and thank God, thanks to the help from cadres of Posyandu Melati VI, the installation of the canopy went well. In the future, I hope posyandu activities even though during the pandemic can continue to run, so that the presence of this Posyandu will benefit the community, “concluded Aris.

Source: https://www.beritasatu.com/megapolitan/732161/jababeka-berikan-bantuan-kepada-posyandu-di-cikarang-utara

Jababeka Provides Assistance to Posyandu in North Cikarang