Jababeka Provides Fiber Optic Based Communication Solutions for Kendal Industrial Estate Tenants

Semarang, May 23, 2024PT Jababeka Tbk through its subsidiary PT Infrastruktur Cakrawala Telekomunikasi (ICTel) together with the Kendal Industrial Estate (SEZ) held a tenant gathering event, at the PO Hotel, Semarang, on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

Carrying the theme “Revolutionizing Business with Fiber Connectivity for Industry 4.0”, the purpose of this event is to offer fiber optic-based communication solutions for Kendal Industrial Estate tenants in implementing Industry 4.0 transformation together with ICTel provider partners – internet connectivity solution providers.

The event was opened directly by Didik Purbadi as Director of Kendal Industrial Estate and Iman Firmansyah as President Director of PT Infrastruktur Cakrawala Telekomunikasi followed by the presentation of the keynote speech Octario Rezkavianto as AVP Application & Platform Management of Indosat Business. The event, which was attended by more than 100 participants, ran smoothly which was able to attract participants to ask questions.

In the event, Iman Firmansyah gave a presentation about ICTel services – which have been proven in the Jababeka Cikarang Industrial Estate – that can be used by tenants of the Kendal Industrial Estate. ICTel has various providers to choose from to support the implementation of Industry 4.0, namely Indosat Business, PLN Icon Plus, Telkom Indonesia, Sukma Sejati Media, and Biznet. ICTel partners also presented the latest information on services to improve operational efficiency and enable innovation.

Iman – as he is usually called – did not forget to explain the advantages of using ICTel’s fiber-optic communication service. According to him, the use of fiber optic-based internet services can be used as a “backbone” for the sustainability of tenant operations in the Kendal Industrial Estate. Because the resulting internet connection is stable, fast and smooth data transfer without being affected by bad weather conditions, such as rain.

In response to this, Purbadi – his nickname, also emphasized the importance of the role of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) to support the production process to the efficiency of business operations in all tenants in the Kendal Industrial Estate.

“The role of connectivity infrastructure in our industrial ecosystem is one of the most important, where through this service together with partners from ICTel, it can drive the business processes of tenants, can improve operational efficiency and enable innovation,” said Purbadi.

He added that the event can be used for tenants to exchange ideas and compare or explore ICTel partner providers against the internet needs of each tenant. Because each type of industry will make each tenant have different internet service speed needs. Therefore, it is important to know the advantages of each ICTel partner provider with the internet service needs of each tenant.

ICTel together with Kendal Industrial Estate continues to strive for the application of superior information and communication technology as a commitment to support the business growth of tenants in Kendal Industrial Estate.

Jababeka Provides Fiber Optic Based Communication Solutions for Kendal Industrial Estate Tenants