Jababeka Residence Achieves MURI Record as First Developer to Release SHM Certified Shophouses & Digital Consumer Agreement Signing Process

PT Jababeka Tbk through one of its subsidiaries, Jababeka Residence as the developer and manager of Jababeka Cikarang City, won two records from the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) as the first developer to present a certified commercial shophouse of Property Rights (SHM) and the process of signing a digital consumer agreement. The awarding of the MURI record took place at Jababeka Golf & Country Club, Jababeka City, Cikarang, Thursday (24/3/2022).

The event was attended by President Director of Jababeka Residence, Sutedja Sidarta Darmono, Managing Director of Jababeka Residence, Marcus Lee, General Manager of Corporate Marketing – Eric Limansantoso, General Manager of Legal & Land Management Jababeka Residence – Robin Riduan, as well as CTO & Co-founder privyID – Guritno Adi Saputra as well as a number of business partners, notaries and banking parties.

“The development of the digital era has brought change in a better direction, so it brings many positive impacts that Jababeka Residence can make the best use of as we can as we present today with PrivyID.” Eric Limansantoso said when met in Cikarang.

CTO & Co-Founder of PrivyID (PT. Privy Digital Identity) – Guritno Adi Saputra welcomes the idea from Jababeka Residence, “With this digital signature service, it is expected to facilitate the process of signing consumer documents and can save costs, time, and of course data security guaranteed.”

All efforts of Jababeka Residence in innovating in the field of property have succeeded in attracting attention and appreciation, one of which is by MURI (Indonesian Record Museum). Along with the webinar, Jababeka Residence won an award from MURI as the first Developer to release a certified shophouse for property rights as well as the first developer to provide a Digital Consumer Agreement Signature service.

The signature of the Agreement that we usually know so far has the condition to be witnessed and attended by both parties who are related to face-to-face is now easier thanks to digital applications so that it can benefit both parties from time efficiency, cost-effective, safe during the pandemic, document security that is maintained.

“With the Property Rights (SHM) Shophouse, business people and investors can get double benefits, coupled with the Digital Agreement Signature service that increasingly provides comfort and security for consumers.” Obviously General Manager of Legal & Land Management Jababeka Residence – Robin Riduan.

Together with this webinar event, Jababeka Residence also introduced Ruko HB Signature as a newly launched product to meet the needs of business people and investors. HB Signature is a superior commercial area with a variety of new features that have never been encountered before such as a super strategic location, alfresco dining concept, an outdoor terrace with a width of 6 meters and a balcony on the 2nd floor with a width of 3 meters. There is also free awning, bicycle parklet and dedicated motorcycle parking. Hb Signature shophouse will also be the latest shophouse that can have a certificate of Property Rights.

While answering the needs of the millennial market, Jababeka Residence launched the New Wimbledon Cluster with a healthy lifestyle concept which is one of the clusters located in the Mega Cluster Sport City area which has an area of more than 34 Ha consisting of residential, commercial, sport facilities, mixed-use areas to a Sport Hub covering an area of 1 Hectare designed directly by multinational consultants – AECOM.

“Now it’s time to become part of Jababeka Residence where you can experience quality life and unlimited business opportunities coupled with the current dual benefits such as SHM certified shophouses and digital consumer agreement signing services.” Pungkas Eric Limansantoso.

Jababeka Residence Achieves MURI Record as First Developer to Release SHM Certified Shophouses & Digital Consumer Agreement Signing Process