Jababeka Successfully Raises Environmental Awareness Through Jababeka Eco Award

PT Jababeka Tbk successfully organized The Jababeka Eco Award 2022 Ceremony at Jababeka Hollywood Junction, Kota Jababeka Cikarang, on Tuesday (21/6/2022). This award ceremony is the highlight event of a series of Jababeka Eco Award activities in which its Grand opening was held at 28 December 2021.

Jababeka Eco Award is an environmental cleanliness competition held to appreciate the achievements of the neighborhood community (Rukun Warga) who have maintained cleanliness and improved the quality of the environment around the Jababeka Cikarang area and are dedicated in realizing Smart Eco City vision.

The competition by the tagline “Synergy to Build Smart Eco City” is participated by 29 neighborhood communities (RW) from around Jababeka Area, including North Cikarang District, East Cikarang District, Central Cikarang District and 5 villages including Mekar Murti Village, Simpangan Village, Jatireja Village, Serta Jaya Village and Jaya Mukti Village.

According to the assessment carried out by the jury team from Jababeka Group and Bekasi Regency Environmental Agency – with the indicators such as cleanliness, neatness, greenness, the 1st winner was RW-08 from Serta Jaya Village, while RW-07 from Serta Jaya Village and RW-10 from Jaya Mukti Village were crowned the 2nd and 3rd winner, respectively. The winners were also entitled to a total prize of tens of millions of rupiah in cash, fogging machines, cleaning equipment, composters, intensive training and a three-wheeled garbage motorcycle from Bekasi Regency Environmental Agency.

Suteja Sidarta Darmono as one of the Directors of PT Jababeka Tbk, expresses his appreciation towards the 29 neighborhood communities that has participated the Jababeka Eco Award 2022. Also, Suteja warmly congratulate the winners of the competition.

“We would like to thank all of the neighborhood communities who has participated enthusiastically in the Jababeka Eco Awards 2022 this year. We’ve received good feedback from all the 29 neighborhood communities that participates in this event. Each community is willing to identify the environmental issues around their area, and then find a solution to tackle the problems. As a result, according to the reports, the environment of the villages around the Jababeka area is now cleaner and able to reduce waste problems,” said Suteja.

The Jababeka Eco Award, according to Suteja, is a joint award for the success of people in the Jababeka area who are able to raise environmental awareness and encourage community participation in overcoming environmental issues. Because, in the end, the positive impact of cleaner villages will benefit the residents of the Jababeka area as well.

“This is an excellent first step. Because the main goal of this event is for Jababeka and the surrounding community to work together to protect the environment and create a Smart Eco City. And the result has been seen (improved environmental quality),” said Suteja, who also serves as President Director PT. Graha Buana Cikarang.

Meanwhile, Major General of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (Ret) Sumardi as Head of Jababeka City Council expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all parties who supported the first year of the Jababeka Eco Award, particularly the community surrounding the Jababeka area. Sumardi stated that the Jababeka Eco Award will be held on an annual basis. For the coming year, Jababeka will invite more neighborhood communities to participate, allowing the event to have a greater impact on the surrounding community.

“We hope that the all the neighborhoods and villages will work together to create a clean environment for all of us.” said Sumardi.

On the same occasion, Dr.H Dani Ramdan, MT as Acting Regent of Bekasi, expressed his gratitude to the Jababeka Group for hosting the Jababeka Eco Award so smoothly. He also expressed his support for Jababeka’s efforts to build a smart eco-city akin to Singapore. He is confident that it will not take long because of the current rate of progress.

“If we look at the picture (on the backdrop), this is indeed a photo in Singapore. But if we go to Jababeka, it’s not that much different. The atmosphere is already like this. Because it is inspired to achieve Singapore’s standards, physically and socio-culturally: clean, neat and beautiful. Jababeka already has it,” Dani Ramdan stated in his remarks.

Also, Dani Ramdan advised the Jababeka Area community to maintain and improve the environmental cleanliness habit established by the Jababeka Eco Award program, because a clean environment can foster a sense of belonging and comfort. Following in the footsteps of Jababeka, Bekasi Regency will hold a similar competition with the theme “Clean Village,” involving all neighborhood communities in Bekasi Regency.

“The winner of this competition already has an advantage over the others, because they have a starting point,” joked Dani Ramdan.

Meanwhile, Gunawan as the Head of the RW-08 from Serta Jaya Village, the winner of the Jababeka Eco Award 2022, expressed his appreciation towards Jababeka as the organizer of the Jababeka Eco Award. He is eager to invite other neighborhood communities surrounding Jababeka Area to participate in the Jababeka Eco Award in the future, so that the environment can be cleaner, healthier, neatly organized and flood-free.

“Alhamdulillah, we got the 1st place in this competition. We are very proud and grateful. This is the result of the teamwork of the residents of RW-08 that is willing to work together to protect and maintain a clean environment,” said Gunawan.

The event was also attended by Eman Sulaeman as acting head of the Bekasi Regency Environmental Agency, Khaerul Hamid as Head of Waste Control and Management of Bekasi Regency Environmental Agency, Eddy Sirotim as  Sub-coordinator of Waste Control Management of Bekasi Regency Environmental Agency, Enop Can as Head of North Cikarang Sub-district, Ropi as Head of East Cikarang Sub-district, Iman Santoso as Acting Head of Central Cikarang Sub-district,  Eric Limansantoso as General Manager Corporate Marketing of Jababeka Residence, Vega Violetta as General Secretary of Jababeka City Council, Agung Sujatmiko as General Manager Estate and Property Management of Jababeka as well as Chief Executive of the Jababeka Eco Award Event and all the participants of the cleaning competition.

Jababeka Successfully Raises Environmental Awareness Through Jababeka Eco Award