Jababeka Supports the Dahlia Waste Bank Initiation in MekarMukti Village, Cikarang

CIKARANG – WASTE is a blessing! This is what the mothers around Kedasih Housing may have in mind, Mekarmukti Village, North Cikarang District. Where they initiated the formation of a waste bank called the Dahlia Waste Bank. The hope is that a healthy, neat and clean environment can be created. It can even provide additional income by depositing sorted waste to a place for making handicrafts from garbage or to a garbage collector.
Seeing these conditions, Jababeka supports the establishment of the waste bank. This is because it is in line with the Environmental Department’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, which seeks to preserve the environment around the area. The assistance provided by Jababeka was in the form of a package of equipment for the establishment of a waste bank, such as scales, savings books and trash cans.
Meanwhile, members of the Dahlia Waste Bank carried out socialization of organic and inorganic waste sorting. In addition, the Dahlia Garbage Bank also started the Zero Waste House Movement. Where members will choose organic and non-organic waste produced by each house.
Erva Ma’rifah, Chair of the Dahlia Waste Bank, explained that Jamaggo will pick up organic waste once a week. “Jamaggo itself is Jababeka’s business unit in managing organic waste with maggot,” he explained at Kedasih Housing, recently.
Erva also hopes that the presence of the Dahlia Waste Bank can increase the awareness of local residents to start sorting waste from home. So that the surrounding environment becomes neat, clean and healthy. This is because, said Evra, it is undeniable that the increasing amount of waste will slowly lead to many problems, so waste processing is needed so that the negative impacts of waste can be managed.
He did not forget to appreciate the help from Jababeka. This is because it makes it easier for his party to establish a waste bank and carry out the Minimized Waste House Movement.

“The equipment assistance from Jababeka is very useful. It is our motivation to promote this waste bank so that it can continue to grow and be beneficial for our environment,” explained Erva.

The same hope was also conveyed by Tjahjadi Rahardja as Deputy President Director of PT. Jababeka, Tbk. He strongly supports this movement because it can have a positive impact on the people around Cikarang, especially the people around the Kedasih Housing.
“We welcome activities like this. Increasing awareness of waste management starting at home can have a big effect on environmental sustainability if it becomes a movement that continues to grow and be sustainable,” concluded Tjahjadi.

Jababeka Supports the Dahlia Waste Bank Initiation in MekarMukti Village, Cikarang
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