Jababeka Transformation, TOD City that is Interconnected

All infrastructure connects each other. That is the big dream of PT Jababeka Tbk by adopting new values and lifestyles in the development of residential areas with the scale of an industrial-based city, Jababeka City, in Bekasi, West Java.
They not only use principle on the” Developing- Selling – handover” but continue to make transformation efforts to stay relevant with time dynamics and market preferences. The goal from the efforts is to make Jababeka City as TOD City with emphasis on the Transit Oriented Development concept.
To Kompas, Friday (12/6/2010), Director of PT Jababeka Tbk Sutedja Sidarta Darmono, said,  Jababeka City will be TOD City that equipped with various and modes of public transformation.
“All are integrated or connected with public transportation that facilitates the residents, employees, or anyone who wants to visit and do business to TOD City,” explained Sutedja.
There are main five principles in TOD City that must be there, namely connected and integrated with the residence, creating a distinctive space, ease of access-scale-absorption, a combination of differences, more sustainable and healthier lifestyles.
TOD City, he continued, is a concept that will change the pattern of development of the area in East Jakarta corridor and other cities in Indonesia. This is because the East Jakarta corridor has the largest transportation network and the most complete “coincidence” some node points of the meeting culminated and started in Jababeka City.
“We just take advantage of that coincidence which can be a benefit for many people,” added Sutedja. 
Nevertheless, Sutedja emphasized, it’s a coincidence it is not merely a coincidence but has been through the process of hard work, innovation, and creativity to align the planning with the government program to make Jababeka City as TOD Center.
As known, the government is currently accelerating some infrastructure that is included in the list of National Strategic Projects (PSN), namely the Light Rail Transit Jakarta-Bekasi, Jakarta-Bandung Rapid Train which is planned will be built until Surabaya, and Jakarta-Cikampek II South Toll road. 
In addition to PSN, there is also a project of the Dwiganda or Double-double track (DDT) Manggarai-Cikarang for 35 kilometers which are ongoing. If all of the infrastructures are finish, according to Sutedja, TOD City will be accomplished and become the TOD Center for the East Jakarta corridor and surrounding area.
In the end, the mobility of the people, goods, and services will be smoother, so it can improve competitiveness, and boost economic growth. East Jakarta corridor with Bekasi as its driving force that is considered as the biggest contributor to the national economy.
This is where the concentrated seven industrial areas contain 4.000 companies of national, international, multinational scale with millions of employees. Interestingly from millions of employees, 25.000 of them are expatriates.
in Jababeka City itself, more than 1.600 companies are operating with 700.000 employees, and 10.000 are expatriates. This statistic adds to Jababeka’s motivation for active transformation.
Not only realizing the company plan, but Jababeka also cooperates with other developers, namely PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk, PT PP Properti Tbk, PT Pollux Properties Indonesia Tbk, dan PT Sirius Surya Sentosa. 
They made alliances to jointly build the East Jakarta corridor as a hub for future national investments, especially in the current New Normal. Because pandemic COVID-19 produces new behaviors, new needs, new atmosphere, the principle or “spirit” sustainability of TOD City will be much needed. 
The above article is an adaption of the article released:https://properti.kompas.com/read/2020/06/14/134028221/transformasi-jababeka-tod-city-yang-saling-terkoneksi?page=2
Jababeka Transformation, TOD City that is Interconnected