Jababeka Wins Top Partners & Water Sanitation Hygiene Award at CSR Award Event by West Java Provincial Government

BANDUNGPT Jababeka Tbk (Jababeka) won the Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) award from the West Java CSR Forum organized by the West Java Provincial Government, last Thursday (22/12), at the Grand Ballroom of Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung.

This West Java CSR Forum is an annual event to appreciate companies that continue to contribute to the people of West Java and who have become CSR partners of the West Java Provincial Government in helping the West Java development agenda.

Jababeka at the award event won two awards at once, namely the Top Partners Award and the Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) Award regarding the performance of CSR programs carried out during 2022. The award was given directly by Ridwan Kamil the Governor of West Java to Agung Wicaksono as Managing Director of Jababeka Infrastruktur who represented the management of the Jababeka-Cikarang Industrial Estate.

“This award is a testimonial that proves that Jababeka’s contribution is not only for profit for the company. However, it is also to provide real impact or benefits for the surrounding community in Cikarang, in Bekasi Regency, in West Java Province, and the entire Indonesian nation,” said Agung Wicaksono after receiving the award.

According to Wicak – his nickname, the award obtained by Jababeka cannot be separated from the alignment of Jababeka’s CSR program in 2022 with the development agenda of West Java Province in 2022. In 2022, Jababeka will continue to be consistent in running the Jabat CSR program or Jababeka Bersahabat, starting from Jabat Alam, Jabat Sosial to Jabat Ekonomi.

Furthermore, Wicak said that Jababeka’s CSR program in 2023 will also align with the five West Java CSR priorities in 2023 set by the Governor of West Java-Ridwan Kamil. Starting from human resources – one of the biggest problems is stunting, social problems, green economy and transformation of state organizers’ capacities.

Interestingly, according to Wicak, these five priorities are very much in line with the priorities in efforts to develop the Jababeka- Cikarang Area which focuses on the environment and education.

“Third, the priority that is also important is to build good governance or quality government management, and Jababeka with the role of the City Council in the region, we will work with the local government to realize the fifth pillar of West Java’s CSR priorities for 2023. And, we believe, we can contribute to realizing Bekasi Regency Berani , West Java Juara for Indonesia society,” concluded Wicak.

As for the award event, the event was opened with JAPRI (Jabar Punya Informasi). This activity was filled by Ridwan Kamil as a resource person who informed the achievements of West Java development which was successfully assisted through the implementation of the company’s CSR.

On the occasion, Ridwan Kamil also invited companies in West Java to continue to synergize in carrying out the company’s CSR program to accelerate the achievement of the West Java SDGs through five priorities or strategic issues for the development of West Java in 2023.

Jababeka Wins Top Partners & Water Sanitation Hygiene Award at CSR Award Event by West Java Provincial Government