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Education Park

Kota Jababeka’s integrated Education Park was developed in cooperation with Professor Brian Lee of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. By forging strong academic industrial partnerships between academic institutions and corporations, the Education Park aims to provide a vibrant and creative academic environment to the children and the young residing in Kota Jababeka and surroundings. The resulting creative synergies will in itself attract students from outside Kota Jababeka as the Education Park consistently provides academic and industrial training of the highest caliber.


The Jababeka Industrial Estate is the first modern Indonesian eco-industrial estate and jointly developed with ProLH GTZ under a technical cooperation program collaboratively established by Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and the Republic of Germany. Since its establishment in 1989, Jababeka Industrial Estate has been acknowledged as the most successful industrial estate in Indonesia in terms of attracting multinational companies (MNCs), leading local companies and small & medium enterprises.


Set in the heart of the green city, Kota Jababeka’s Residential Estate is where professionals can make the most out of life. Jababeka Residential Estate, which is famously labeled “Jababeka Residence”, started development in 1992. The start of development of the Jababeka Residential Estate also marked as a step forward for Kota Jababeka to grow into a sustainable and modern city.


Commercial products include commercial plots of land in Kota Jababeka, as well as shophouses. Apart from that, the Company also offers office and commercial space for rent, both in Menara Batavia and throughout Kota Jababeka and owns a private club – the President Executive Club which is used as a meeting point for tenants in Kota Jababeka. Moreover, the Company invites investors as partners in the development of commercial land business areas.