Making it Easy for Film and TV Workers, Jababeka Movieland Launches Set Catalog of Filming Locations

CIKARANG, February 28, 2024 – WELCOMING Indonesia’s rapidly growing film and television (TV) industry, Jababeka Movieland – a film and television industry area covering an area of about 35 hectares in Kota Jababeka developed by PT Jababeka Tbk, launched a catalog of filming location sets, at Mayfair Building, Kota Jababeka, Cikarang, Wednesday (28/2).

The launch was marked by the gift of the Jababeka Movieland catalog book from Chairman of Steering Committee Arief Yahya to Chairman of the Indonesian Film Board Gunawan Paggaru. Witnessed directly by Dwi Heriyanto, President Director of Perum Production Film Negara, and Eric Gunawan, Coordinator of Jababeka Movieland.

The catalog launch event was attended by around 50 participants from film and television employees from various production houses (PH) and went smoothly. In the event, participants not only got information on the catalog of sets of filming locations. But also feel and see directly the set of Jababeka Movieland filming locations through the set tour agenda that took place at the end of the show.

Make it easier for Film and TV workers

Setyono Djuandi Darmono, founder and chairman of PT Jababeka Tbk, said that the background of the launch of the Jababeka Movieland set catalog is part of Jababeka’s commitment to actively participate in advancing the Indonesian film industry. Where the purpose of the presence of a catalog of filming location sets is to introduce various shooting locations at Jababeka Movieland. In addition, the launch of the catalog proves that all the needs of shooting location sets for feature films, series, and various television programs are already available at Jababeka Movieland.

Jababeka Movieland’s filming set catalog contains complete information about 30 location sets. Call it residential location (1), including houses from minimalist to luxury with full furnish, residential highways, public facilities such as basketball courts, gazebos, stalls; location of hangout places (2), including food centers, roadside cafes, simple to spacious coffee shops, gathering spaces for outdoor events, restaurants, function rooms that can be used as karaoke places, malls, atriums, bus stops, terminals, parks, recreational pools, public facilities, and parks or play areas; recreation locations (3), including swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, trampolines, bamboo huts, and performance areas for performing arts;

Office locations (4), including office lobbies, meeting rooms with simple types- open space to spacious types, and workspaces; health service locations includes the main lobby of the hospital, emergency room with three patient beds and ambulance, patient rest room, reception room; location of educational services (6), including classes, educational environment from kindergarten to university, classroom corridors with discussion table facilities, libraries with full furnish, basketball courts, school canteens, student dormitories, student lounges with tables and benches, student bedrooms both single bedroom and double bedroom with full furnish and many other sets of filming locations.

“One of the obstacles for TV film workers in working on their projects is the shooting places that are far apart and not effective in time. During this time they had to arrange the location places one by one, including the licensing and security sides. Therefore, our Jababeka Movieland designed a catalog of shooting sets and provides one-stop integrated services. So, it can make it easier for film and TV workers to run their projects, whether films, soap operas, and commercial videos. No more time wasted on licensing and security,” said Setyono Djuandi Darmono, at the event-themed launching catalog and set tour of Jababeka Movieland.

All filming sets are ready to go

Meanwhile, Arief Yahya added that the catalog of filming locations at Jababeka Movieland has been specially curated to suit the needs of the film and TV industry. So, PH or producers do not need to be afraid whether Jababeka Movieland can accommodate all their project needs.

“And all the sets of filming locations are ready to use for film and TV projects,” said Arief Yahya.

Cut production budget by 50 percent

On the same occasion, Jababeka Movieland website was launched, namely www.indomovieland.com and www.jababekamovieland.com. Eric Gunawan, Coordinator of Jababeka Movieland, explained that the website presented not only contains profiles about Jababeka Movieland but also informs all its services to PH producers, including downloading a catalog of Jababeka Movieland filming locations that have been launched.

“So, to see what services we provide, or want to download the catalog of Jababeka Movieland shooting location sets, you can access our website,” said the man who is a practitioner, assessor, and lecturer at the film academy at President University.

Moreover, Eric Gunawan is optimistic that Jababeka Movieland’s filming locations will not make film and TV workers or PH producers disappointed. With relatively affordable location set rental prices, ease of licensing, complete filming location sets, security teams, dedicated teams and available places to stay for crew with a variety of accommodation facilities and culinary choices, able to reduce production budgets quite significantly, even up to 50%.

Eric Gunawan also hopes that the launch of the set catalog of filming locations can make Jababeka Movieland quite considered as the choice of Film and TV industry players running projects.

“Hopefully the filming location set tour event can provide a complete experience in getting to know Jababeka Movieland, that we provide all the needs of the film and TV industry in one place. All in one place,” said Eric Gunawan.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Badan Perfilman Indonesia Gunawan Paggaru expressed his appreciation to Jababeka Movieland for the launch of the set catalog of filming locations. According to him, this is an important step in developing Jababeka Movieland as the center of the integrated film and television industry.

The reason is, the film ecosystem that has not been integrated has become an obstacle for the film-TV industry, and with the presence of a catalog of filming location sets, it becomes capital for the film-TV industry better and makes it easier for Jababeka Movieland to explore collaboration with the central government and stakeholders, especially PHs in making film or television projects.

“We will also help (promote) Jababeka Movieland’s set catalog by displaying a special page on our website. For BPI (BPI stakeholders) to see and access,” said Gunawan Pagarru.

Making it Easy for Film and TV Workers, Jababeka Movieland Launches Set Catalog of Filming Locations