Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno Supports KEK Tanjung Lesung to Become the 1st Largest Adventure & Nature Playground in Indonesia

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia , Sandiaga Uno, paid a working visit to the Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone , Pandeglang-Banten, last Tuesday (06/4)
During the visit, he fully supported KEK Tanjung’s intention to become the 1st Largest Adventure & Nature Playground in Indonesia. Sandi – as he is called – is sure that the development of the Tanjung Lesung SEZ to become the 1st Largest Adventure & Nature Playground in Indonesia will open up investment and employment opportunities. The impact, will arouse Indonesian tourism, especially in the Banten region.
The reason is, local and international tourist visits are slowly but surely increasing. Plus the alacrity of Banten West Java as the manager of the Tanjung Lesung area in carrying out strict health protocols. So as to create security and comfort for tourists who want to vacation in the KEK Tanjung Lesung.
“To Tanjung Lesung, now there will be more families using cars. No longer using buses since the Covid-19 pandemic, “said Sandiaga in Tanjung Lesung, Pandeglang-Banten, Tuesday (6/4/2021)
Then another consideration that makes tourists visit the Tanjung Lesung SEZ is the complete facilities and many tourist destinations in one area, such as sport tourism and ecotourism . So that tourists don’t need to be afraid of being bored or running out of activities while on vacation at the Tanjung Lesung SEZ.
“Before becoming Menparekraf, I had been to Tanjung Lesung. So, Tanjung Lesung brings blessings, “he said.
In addition, he added, the advantages of the Tanjung Lesung SEZ are due to the location of the Tanjung Lesung SEZ near Jakarta. So, people in Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi) can travel to Tanjung Lesung on weekends .
Not forgetting, Sandi appreciated the health protocol carried out at the Tanjung Lesung SEZ. All protocols in the CHSE ( cleanliness, health, safety, environment ) have been complied with and are carried out in a strict and disciplined manner.
According to him, this is important, especially during the Lebaran 2021 holiday, which is expected to be visited by many tourists because the government has banned Idul Fitri 1442 H homecoming in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
Sandi also hopes that the development of tourism in the Tanjung Lesung SEZ will not forget the welfare of the surrounding community. “Tourism must be a solution for economic revival,” he explained.
Meanwhile, the President Director of PT BWJ Poernomo Siswoprasetijo is optimistic that the Tanjung Lesung SEZ will develop into the 1st largest adventure & nature playground in Indonesia and can improve Banten’s economy and boost the welfare of the surrounding community.
This is because soon the Serang-Panimbang Section I toll road will be opened which will cut the travel time from Jakarta to Tanjung Lesung to around 3 hours. And if all sections of the Serang Panimbang Toll Road are completed in 2023, the mileage will decrease again to about 2 hours of travel.
As information, Tanjung Lesung is a Special Economic Zone for Tourism and is also included in one of the 10 “New Bali” programs from the Ministry of Tourism and Economy.
Creative Republic of Indonesia. Currently it is owned by PT Jababeka Tbk as an independent city developer, through its subsidiary PT Banten West Java. Where not only presents accommodation, complete facilities, and various tourist destinations. But it also sells villas and is open to various other business partnerships to further complement the area’s facilities.
With the status of Special Economic Zones, for investors who invest in opening a business will get tax holiday incentives ( tax holiday ) and to foreigners who buy property in Tanjung Lesung can on behalf of foreign nationals and easy to get Permanent Residence Permit.
Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno Supports KEK Tanjung Lesung to Become the 1st Largest Adventure & Nature Playground in Indonesia