Pandemic Promotes a New Era, Logistics Digitalization is Unavoidable

Entering a new era of normality, business people must also take quick steps to adapt to survive, including digitizing logistics.

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – The Covid-19 pandemic which has been running for almost a year has disrupted all industries in Indonesia, including the logistics industry. Business actors must also take quick steps to adapt to survive during a pandemic, including digitizing logistics.

Disruption in the logistics industry itself can be seen in the reduced cargo loading from trailers and containers. This can occur due to transportation restrictions due to companies having to enforce higher security.

As a result, disrupted the supply chain and resulted in a decrease in container volumes in various regions. For example, when the hobby of cycling is booming, but because the supply chain is disrupted, a bicycle hobbyist has to scramble to get the bicycle parts he wants.

In the book review webinar, Circle of Logistics, last Thursday (4/2), it was revealed that there are three phases of change due to the pandemic. The normal phase or we do habits as usual, then new normal or we adapt to survive.

“We can say that this stage is a survival mode, both for the company and its human resources. Continue to next normal where this phase is a process of recovery and growth. At present, some companies are still in the recovery stage and some are still in the survival stage, ”said Zaroni Samadi, author of the book Circle of Logistics.

However, regardless of where the logistics company is at the moment, the fact is that people’s consumption patterns have changed from offline to online.

Thus, logistics industry players must anticipate this, because future trends will refer to staying in the home economy or online shopping patterns.

However, none of that would have happened if there were no logistics and e-commerce platforms. It can’t be if the logistics industry is disrupted. “If the logistics industry is disrupted or not ready, a number of problems arise, namely reduced material supply, price fluctuations because goods are difficult to distribute, shortages of stock, slow delivery, or cessation of production or distribution,” said the Director of PT Pos Logistik Indonesia through a written statement at Monday (8/2/2021).

Or in other words, logistics has an important role in the current pandemic conditions. This is, continued Zaroni, industry players must innovate as soon as possible, because in fact the demand for certain goods that want to be distributed is still there, what changes is how to access it.

“Yes, during this pandemic we must innovate on value, whether to do a bundling program or do a business pivot in order to survive, for example by making a hand sanitizer. But actually the lesson in this pandemic, we are forced to switch to digital so that the logistics team can run. So, this condition, like it or not, like it or not, encourages the digitization of logistics, “said Zaroni.

Benny Woenardi as Managing Director of Cikarang Dry Port, agrees that the digitization process must be carried out so that the company can keep up with the changing trends in public consumption.

Cikarang Dry Port itself is already walking in that direction and according to him is already in the right evolution. Cikarang Dry Port is one of the Jababeka Group’s subsidiaries located in Kota Jababeka Cikarang which aims to facilitate the logistical needs of industrial tenants export-import logistics.

“I think we are on the right track. My CDP, we have released a logistics service application for Cikarang Dry Port customers in 2018 which can be accessed via an Android smartphone and has entered phase two by adding an online payment feature,” said Benny.

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Author: M. Syahran W. Lubis
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Pandemic Promotes a New Era, Logistics Digitalization is Unavoidable
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