Producing in Kendal Industrial Estate, Master Kidz Exports Toys to the US

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – PT Master Kidz Indonesia, a toy manufacturer from Hong Kong, officially started operating in December 2020 in the Kendal Industrial Area (KIK).

The company, which has an investment value of US $ 9.28 million, started construction since October 2019. Now PT Master Kidz is marketing their products in the form of wooden children’s toys such as thematic toys for education, toys, or puzzles.

On Wednesday (6/1/2021) PT Master Kidz Indonesia held an initial export release event. Through Tanjung Mas Port, Semarang, the company will export their products to the United States, according to a written statement received by Bisnis on Thursday (7/1/2021).

The strategic location of the factory benefits them from a logistical point of view. Kendal Industrial Estate is only 25 km to Tanjung Mas Harbor, Semarang, and can be reached in just 45 minutes.

KIK is also close to the Kaliwungu Toll Gate, only 5 km with a distance of about 5 minutes. This facilitates the logistics route to either East Java or West Java.

Andy Chan, President Director of PT Master Kidz Indonesia, said: “This is our first investment in Indonesia. We also see big opportunities in Central Java. KIK also fully supports starting from the licensing process to being able to operate and start exporting today. ”

The event was attended by Sucipto, Head of the Middle Type A Customs and Excise Supervision and Service Office (KPPBC) Semarang.

Sucipto said that the status of special economic zones (KEK) in KIK provides many advantages for tenants, especially in the export-import sector.

“As a special economic zone and supported by an administrator’s office in the Kendal Industrial Zone, tenants can get assistance in matters of taxation, import, export, and others. In terms of taxation, incentives are in the form of tax holidays, value added tax (VAT), and import duty, ”said Sucipto.

Representative of the Head of the DIY Central Java Customs and Excise Regional Office, Amin Tri Sobri also attended. Amin said that with the status of KIK that had changed to KEK, he hoped to help export growth in Central Java.

Dany Wong, General Manager of PT Masker Kidz Indonesia, thanked the Ministry of Trade. “We appreciate the Ministry of Trade because the Certificate of Origin can be issued on time, so this all supports the initial export process to the United States.”

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Author: M. Syahran W. Lubis
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Producing in Kendal Industrial Estate, Master Kidz Exports Toys to the US